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15 Modern Office Furniture and Layout Trends for 2017 – New Infographic

The Entrepreneur website has recently published an interesting new post including an infographic on modern office furniture trends that they found via the Rove Concepts website. You can read the full post here. 

They take away from the infographic we have re-posted below is that by making a conscious effort to make an office conducive to comfort and collaboration, it can in fact turn out to be a very good investment for businesses. 

As we have previously blogged about, office design has changed a lot over the past decade, and in many respects, these changes can be attributed to the start-up and technology industries. They have really helped to pioneer the move towards collaborative working spaces and a more fun working environment. 

Now we are seeing companies in the UK adopt the styles first seen in Silicon Valley, and is set to become even more popular. The infographic we have embedded below comes courtesy of the Rove Concepts company from North America. Go take a look below.

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