Be More Productive & Comfortable in Your Home Office With These Tips

Be More Productive & Comfortable in Your Home Office With These Tips

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Working from a remote location, or even running your own business from home is becoming more and more prevalent in modern industry. If you only have to work from home occasionally, then it might suffice to just work from a kitchen table on your laptop, but if you are working solid dedicated hours it makes sense to maximise your comfort. 

By being more comfortable from your home office you can keep on track, keep your focus, and ultimately get more done. It’s not easy to work from home if you are being distracted by partners, kids, pets, and other aspects of your personal life. 

You need to get the most from your home office furniture and dedicate a space that’s just right for working from. It’s not always that easy though – however if you follow some of our tips laid out below you might find you can be more productive. 

Your Home Office Location 

When thinking about the place you work in, and where you set-up your office furniture, one of the prevailing aspects should be function and comfort. 

Thankfully a lot of newer homes now come with some kind of space that lends itself well to being a home office. If you have a room like this then make sure it has a door, rather than an open entrance as this will help to reduce any distraction you could suffer from. 

Failing that, try to use a room in the house which doesn’t have as much activity as the rest of your home. That might be a basement, a guest room, or even your own bedroom. Being away from the hubbub that can occur in a busy household is key here. 

Your Home Office Furniture 

When the time comes to buying office furniture for your home workspace then there are some essential items that you will need in order to get the job done. These are: 

  • Office desk
  • Comfortable chair
  • Effective lighting or lamps
  • Suitable storage solutions 

When it comes to deciding where your office desk will be placed, then try not to place it right up against a wall. The reason that we say this is because it can be claustrophobic. 

Try to get your desk near a window so you can get a clear view of the outside. This will be so much better for your mental health and peace of mind whilst working from a home office as you will have natural light coming in and an opportunity to break for a view of the outdoors from time to time. 

From an ergonomic perspective, set up your office desk to minimise wrist and shoulder pains. Many desks for home workers now come with a lower keyboard shelf and room to add a computer monitor – especially if you are using a laptop with a secondary screen. 

When choosing an office chair, it’s worth spending money and not scrimping on this aspect. Adjustable office chairs are ideal as you will be far more productive if you are sitting in comfort. Cheap and not-built for purpose chairs are one of the main reasons why office workers get back problems, aches, and pains. 

Even if you do have a window near your office desk, you will still need effective lighting, in particular if you work into the late evening as many home business owners tend to do so. Overhead lighting is a must if you are working in a darker space. 

With regards to storage solutions don’t forget to look for a somewhere to place paperwork and files so they don’t clutter your desk surface. Desk pedestals, or desks that come with built-in drawers or hutches are ideal for this purpose. 

Additional Aspects to Consider 

Depending on how much space you have in your home office layout, there are some other additional items that can help to improve your comfort levels and productivity. In no particular order you could consider: 

  • Extra comfy seating with an ottoman and perhaps even a small side table so you can break from the desk for a break and to think.
  • Coffee and tea making facilities so that you don’t have to break your work up with non-essential trips to the kitchen where distractions (such as food) could be.
  • A large supply of office essentials such as pens and paper so you don’t have to leave the workspace to go downstairs to find something.
  • Plants and greenery are also known to help workers feel more comfortable and happier – they also don’t answer back when you bounce your ideas off them!

Need Home Office Furniture? 

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