Bench Desks Can Really Complement Modern Office Design Trends

Bench Desks Can Really Complement Modern Office Design Trends

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The current trends being displayed in modern office design is seeing major changes in how businesses set-out their working space. The old and traditional office is definitely evolving with many companies now moving away from the old standard layouts – which typically meant multiple rooms with endless corridors of varied offices and department rooms. 

The shift towards open plan office spaces is part of the new trends emerging in the UK, with this change said to help with creativity and communication as well as space-saving efficiency. These are some great reasons to update an office space, and at Kima Office Furniture we have some great solutions for businesses looking to make this switch with new desks and storage options. 

Building or architectural techniques have been changing as well as the technology involved with the design of offices. The spaces inside modern businesses are changing and many company leaders have benefited from utilizing open office spaces instead of traditional planning. 

We have also seen a trend for old warehousing to be converted into offices spaces. Those types of building typically won’t have internal wall structures and pillars, and so the interior designers are making great use of this type of space in the new modern approach. 

However, it’s all very well and good having a nice open space in which your employees can work and business can run, but to take things to the next level and to truly take advantage of the space, you should invest in modern office furniture. 

In order to complement the new trends in office building architecture and design, modern desks and tables are available to purchase from Kima to make the most of these types of spaces. You might sometimes hear this approach being referred to as ‘pods’ where offices (including call centres) set up blocks of desks up with a central communication hub in the middle. 

These hubs, or collections, are great as they can offer very good value for money and lead to an effective working environment. But, they don’t always lend themselves that well for businesses whose workers are using their own standalone computer hardware. 

Choose Bench Desks for Your Modern Office

What we recommend in scenarios such as this are bench desks. We have a wide range of white bench desks for sale at very competitive prices. The reason these are so popular and have become some of our best-selling items are wide-ranging.

Below we have given you some great reasons to consider bench desks for your offices. You can also read this blog post if you need even more help in making a decision.

Cost and space -  bench desks systems and collections are typically cheaper then alternative options due to the better use of space they encourage. There are fewer legs to support the table tops and they can easily slot into most office plan designs. 

Design and aesthetics – The white office bench desks that we stock look great, and have a clean and simple design. Whilst we won’t pretend to be experts in Feng Shui, we are pretty confident that bench desks will tick a few boxes there too!

Easy to assemble – Our bench desks are easy to assemble and come with easy to understand, comprehensive instructions. If you don’t have the time and inclination to assemble them yourselves then our team can do so for a small quote. 

Quick and free delivery – If your business is based in the mainland UK geography then we offer free delivery within 7 working days, and can offer next day delivery in some cases. 

So what are you waiting for? Click into our online office furniture store today and start viewing some of the amazing products we currently range to see what options will suit your modern office design. 

We can also help you with some inspiration if you are not sure what might be the best solution for you – so don’t hesitate to call us if you need some sales or customer support.