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What’s the Best Long White Office Desk Available to UK Companies?

When new customers call us, they often ask us what’s the best available long white office desk available on the UK market. We have stocked many different long white desks in our time, but without doubt our favourite, and that of our past customers has been the Maestro 25 PL with two sets of drawers set either side of the central position.

We Also Stock Versions Without Drawers

You can see what it looks like below, and even if you don’t feel that a long white office desk with drawers is for you, then you might also want to consider the versions that we stock minus the drawers – you can see those in our store, so shop now to get a discount. 

Comes with 10 Year Warranty

What sets this desk apart from other models available to UK businesses is the 10 year warranty that we offer as standard on the entire Maestro office desks range, and also the stunning white colour that it comes in. If you aren’t keen on white, then there are also other colours available too including beech, maple, oak, and walnut. 

Larger and longer desks are perfect for working environments where desk meetings are held frequently, or from an individual’s perspective where you are dealing with lots of paperwork on a daily basis. 

The longer widths of the Maestro range (coming in at a whopping 1600mm to 1800mm in length) give excellent flexibility for dual monitors, filing, peripherals including printers and so much more. 

Free Delivery to UK Addresses

With free delivery on all products available at Kima Office Furniture, then really is no better time to purchase for your business, or even if you are a home user. We have one of the widest ranges of white office furniture available anywhere online in the UK, and are committed to fantastic customer service. 

If you are having difficulty in picking the right desk for your office, then feel free to call a member of our team who will be more than happy to help you in making your choice today.

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