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Our Checklist for Businesses About to Buy New Office Desks This Year

The advent of a new year always gives thoughts of change, with businesses setting new goals, targets, and in some cases thinking about new office furniture. In many respects you can compare this period of change to a spring clean, albeit in the winter months! 

Offices can become tired and worn, just like your home can. Once you have tidied up, filed paperwork, moved desks around, and made seating changes it can still look a little bit drab or boring. 

Perhaps you need some colour changes, or additional storage, maybe the office desks or chairs are tatty and worn? If this is the case then what better time to do a full and complete office furniture audit? 

If you do decide to go down this route, and haven’t updated your office furniture for a few years, then we have put together a checklist of things you should think about at this time. It will help to ensure that you buy the right items to suit you and your company. 

  • Size / Dimensions: What sizes do you need in order for all of the essential computing equipment to be catered for, including any desktop accessories? 
  • Measuring the Space: Will your new office desks fit into the floor space, and will you leave enough room for employees to stand and walk freely? Items that could work here mobile office pedestals, of which we have plenty to choose from
  • Desk Clusters: Are you going to need clusters of office desks and workstation for two, four, or groups of six employees? All of the white office desks and white office furniture that we sell can be arranged into suitable groups. View the range here. 
  • Modular Working Spaces: Are you going to need tables that push together to create collaborative meeting and working areas? 
  • Cable Points and Access: Are you able to tidy away wires and cables to reduce tripping hazards? All of our white office desks come with cable holes and cable management options, with large discounts currently available in-store. 
  • Height-Adjustable Desks: Whilst standing and height-adjustable desks can be more expensive than standard models, that are a great option for businesses that want to help to safe-guard the health and fitness of their employees.
  • The Design Look and Feel: One of our more popular ranges is the white office furniture items. We have white bench desks, white office desks, as well as mobile or fixed pedestal drawers to match (also in the colour white). White is great colour for modern and clean looking offices.

Discount Office Furniture Supplies for UK Business

At Kima Office Furniture we can supply a wide-range of new white office furniture. We are confident that we stock the best prices on the ranges available to buy, and every week make sure that we price check online in order to lower our prices where necessary.

If you need any help and support in choosing the right products for you and your business then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We love speaking with new customers and are more than happy to help you.

Buying new white office desks in particular can be tricky due to the massive range of options available, so don't be put off by the sheer volume of products. With one quick call into our team we should be able to recommend the ideal solution for any UK office re-design. 

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