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Clever Call Centre Design Can Help Improve Morale and Business

Call centres are now more popular than ever before, with many UK businesses operating them to enable efficient customer service. If you run a call centre in your company, what’s the vibe in the room? Is a happy environment or something a little more negative? 

Businesses that operate call centres in the UK have often complained of low retention rates and high churn rates of employees. Telephone operators have a tough job, and if there is negative vibe in the room it might be something that could be resolved with a different approach to how the environment is designed. 

Many businesses have found that by simply re-designed the call centre environment they can really improve morale and customer satisfaction. Why? It’s because if employees have a happy environment to work in, that vibe will be passed down to the customers. 

By simply making the working space more attractive and inviting, you could make a real difference to how employees feel and work. View this website for more detailed information.

In our experience office layout is key to achieving a good working environment – and bench desks can play a large part in that. 

We currently range a wide variety of white bench desks that look and feel great. With easy assembly and connectivity options is possible to completely re-design your call centre at a relatively low cost. 

For more information we would recommend exploring our white bench desk collections to see what bargains you can pick up today. We are able to offer discounts when buying in bulk, so please don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish to make a deal today.

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