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Coffee in Your Workplace Can Make UK Employees More Productive

According to a recent study by office management firm Service Partner One, employees who have regular access to coffee are more productive than those without. This is music to Kima Office Furniture where coffee is one of the key ingredients to our working day! 

The Chief Executive of Service Partner One, a gentleman named Sven Hock was quoted as saying: 

“Coffee is the fuel of every office, it is not only part of our culture, it is a culture. Whether you’re sitting down with an old friend, enjoying a cup with your spouse, or taking a break with your colleagues, coffee brings us together and motivates us.” 

We certainly are not going to disagree with that statement. 

The study went onto state that if all UK workers had access to a working coffee machine, then the financial economy could save just over 40 billion pounds due to increased productivity. 

Their study showed that if a coffee machine is available in the office, the employees will work on average nearly 25 minutes more than those people who don’t drink caffeine-based beverages. 

Now it goes without saying that business productivity is predominantly attributed to people being happy in the workplace. Happy workers will usually mean more work being produced. So with that in mind, having nice perks like coffee machines should make a marked difference to workplace motivation. 

Other factors to take into account will be the design of the office space, and effective working areas – such as the new white office furniture range Kima have in stock including our new white office desks range – click here to see those

Other aspects to the coffee productivity study also showed that 80% of correspondents said that they were happy at work, and this number rose to 86% when fresh fruit was also made available to employees. 

It comes as no surprise to hear that the happiest workers of all were the ones being supplied with treats and biscuits with their coffee!

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