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Create a Working Office That Inspires Productivity and Efficiency

It’s important to be comfortable when you are working, whether that’s from a home or company-based office. Being comfortable should mean that you get more done, as working in a tight space won’t be good for your productivity. 

A well-designed office space can definitely help with efficiency, and in this blog post we highlight some ideas you can use to enhance your productivity in the workplace.

Use Well-Designed Office Furniture

The most important aspect to your comfort will be the office furniture that you use. Having a good desk and chair is essential.

Before you purchase you should consider a few things though, and these are: 

  • Buy an office chair that’s the right height with armrests and your feet flat to the floor
  • Buy an office desk at the correct height to suit you, possibly an ergonomic model 

Make Sure Natural Light Gets Into Your Office 

The best offices are the ones which have plenty of windows letting in natural light. The human mood is boosted by sunlight, and can have implications for your productivity. 

If you office doesn’t have windows, or your desk can’t be placed near a natural light source then look to invest in artificial lighting – such as an SAD lightbox which come with UV rays. 

Don’t Be Too Hot or Too Cold 

A regulated temperature is a must in any office space. If you are too hot then you won’t work very well, and similarly with cold temperatures. 

Air conditioning and heated radiators should be as close to your office desk as possible. If you don’t have those then invest in a small office fan, or a small storage portable heater. 

Customise Your Workspace to Suit You 

Nobody can say how your workspace should be designed, as it’s very much a personal thing. Your space should suit you and be comfortable and inviting, for example perhaps some photos or even a potted plant. 

Many home office workers who work alone like to use motivational posters in the absence of being able to talk and be inspired by co-workers. You can buy plenty of things like this on Amazon or other office stationary stores. 

Don’t Get Overcome by a Cluttered Desk 

Distractions should be eliminated at all costs, and a cluttered or un-tidy desk is one thing that tends to reduce how efficient you work. Make sure that your desk is tidy at all times. 

This can be achieved by effective storage solutions, such as the white under-desk pedestals that we range on the Kima Office Furniture store. Place items that you need to work within reach so you aren’t tempted to walk off to a different room to get something. 

Hide Un-Sightly Cables and Wires 

Cables and wires aren’t just a health and safety concern, but they will also look un-sightly and get in your way if not managed correctly. Thankfully all the desks in our white office furniture range come with cable ports. 

Most office desks come with cable management functionality, but if you don’t have this then tie or tape them under the desk so that they are out of the way and hidden.

The Final Word: As we mentioned, having the right type of furniture for your office is key to success. We have a large range of affordable white office furniture and white office desks to suit different scenarios – for both commercial businesses and home office workers.

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