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How to Create the Perfect Bedroom & Office Combination for Small Apartments

If you are short on space and live in a small apartment then you can still create the perfect bedroom office, that still gives you the space you need to work in, but will also still enable you to get a good night’s sleep in comfort. 

Kima Office Furniture have some fantastic deals on small white office desks, which you can browse through here, but have also looked through the web to find some of the best ideas that people have already put together. 

Because comfort is key, we would also recommend that you always choose a comfortable duvet for your bed. If you are sat all day at a desk, then it’s essential to get a good night’s sleep and you can’t really put a price on comfort. 

That’s why we recommend not just our small white office desks for the perfect bedroom office, but also a down duvet from the website. They have a wide range of items available to purchase including Siberian, Canadian, goose, and duck down duvets. Our particular favourites are those in the Canadian range (you can see an example below).

Canadian Down Duvet

Pinterest Ideas

Pinterest is one of our most visited websites when seeking inspiration on home and office furniture design – we have our own channel here which you can follow. But how about the ideas for bedroom/office combos shown below?



Houzz Ideas 

Houzz is a superb website for all things relating to the home, and interior décor. Their blog post on bedroom offices contains some amazing inspiration. Go take a look here.

Houzz Ideas

Country Living Ideas 

A bedroom morphs into a gorgeous personal home office and still doubles as a cozy guest room when family or friends are in town. Get inspired by these makeover ideas.

Country Living

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