Create the Perfect Home Office Environment With These Handy Tips

Create the Perfect Home Office Environment With These Handy Tips

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Working from home will always have its challenges, so it’s up to you to make sure that you give yourself the very best chance of success. We started out as a home business before moving to dedicated premises, so have a great understanding of what makes the perfect home office working environment. 

These are our handy tips for home office workers, we hope that they help you and your productivity. Should you wish to purchase new items for your home office, including desks, tables, and chairs then browse our online store. 

Make Sure You Have Some Natural Light 

When placing your new home office desk into the working space, try to make sure that you are in a place that has a degree of natural light. Sometimes it will be human nature to place your office desk against a wall, in the dark corner of the room – this is the worst thing you can do though. 

In the ideal home office set-up, your desk will have the benefit of natural light and be as close to the window as possible. If you are in a workspace which doesn’t have any windows then look to invest in a SAD light lamp – you can find them for sale on Amazon – as they will replicate the effects of natural light as best as possible in an artificial manner. 

Also Think About Adequate Artificial Lighting for Nights 

But what about at night-time? It’s when many small business owners working from home get really productive. Being near to a window won’t really help when it’s dark, so make sure that you have additional lighting. When we worked in a home office we found that table lamps worked very well as they had a nice soft glow without being too harsh. 

Another benefit to using table lamps in a home office environment is also the design aesthetics and flexibility that they offer. You could also consider a small and portable USB LED light – we currently have one for sale in our store. They are a cool gadget, and also great for travelling with. 

Look for Creative Storage Solutions 

Home offices tend to be short on space, and so it’s essential that you are creative with your storage in order to get the most from your working space… whilst keeping everything near to hand for ease of use. 

If you are the type of person who likes to see everything then try wall storage, or magazine style racks. If you are using a computer desk, then many will come with pedestals to help with storage – and in fact we have a large range of these types of work desks in our store so browse now to find a suitable solution. Regardless of what solution for storage you go for, don’t end up not having enough room to move around as that’s not going to benefit your daily productivity. 

Include Greenery and Plants for a Positive Workspace 

Even if you aren’t green-fingered, it’s worth getting some plants into your home office. Multiple studies show that plants can make people happier, and it has been compared to bringing the outside in. 

Green plants will also add a different colour shade and vibrancy to your office which you might otherwise not have. Unlike pets they don’t need constant feeding either, just remember to water them every couple of days and feel the benefit! 

Use Ergonomic Rules to Keep You Comfortable 

Probably the most important tip on our list, is your comfort. You are going to be spending a lot of time working from your home office, so making it as comfortable as possible is essential and could help keep at bay any long-term health issues. 

The top of your computer or Mac screen should be at eye level, or slightly below. Also make sure that you position your keyword so that your arms are parallel with the floor whilst typing and working. 

Place Some Inspiration or Targets Within Eyesight 

Most home workers work for themselves, and don’t have anybody else to help inspire or encourage them on. What we used to do in our old home office, was place inspirational notes around, and also write our short and long-term targets down and pin them up where we could see them. 

Being able to see your aims and objectives clearly can sometimes help to re-focus your work when you are struggling to motivate yourself. You can either use post-it notes, or a chalk board, or a white board to help you with this. 

Our Conclusion: Working at home can be hard, but by implementing some of the tips we have highlighted above, it could make it a lot easier for you. What you should also consider is the type of home office furniture that you are using. We had a massive range of possibilities in our store so shop now for some great bargains on desks, tables, chairs, and storage solutions.