Dams Maestro 25 PL Wave Desk: Customer Review & Price Discount Offer

Dams Maestro 25 PL Wave Desk: Customer Review & Price Discount Offer

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We recently sold a Dams Maestro 25 PL wave desk to a customer in Devon. They agreed to give a review of the product, which hopefully should help any future customers of ours who are considering this excellent value for money office desk. 

At Kima Office Furniture, we range all colour versions, with the white Maestro wave desk being particularly popular, but it is also available in oak, maple, walnut, and beech colours. 

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Dams Maestro Office Desk Review

Thanks to Tom Piper in Devon for this review and testimonial. What follows are his independent words on the product, as well as the service he received.

I run a small family-business from my home, and wanted a new desk that was going to suit the type of work I do, which is mainly focused around web design and online marketing services in the Devon area. 

I had a brief for the type of office desk that I wanted, and had been recommended Kima Office Furniture by a friend, so did a quick Google search for Kima and found their online store. As a web designer myself, my first impressions was how well-designed the website was, in particular from a user-perspective… it’s really easy to find the right type of office desk you need. 

Anyway, what I was looking for a white office desk that offered a more ergonomic feel than your standard straight-edged desks. I had a style in mind, and wanted a desk that had a curved or wavy edge to it as that would let me rotate on my office chair between my computer screen and the design tools I use with my iPad. 

I wanted the colour white because design and aesthetics is very important to me, given the line of work I am in. I already have a lot of white and black in my office room, so it was a white office desk I was after. 

I browsed through the Kima Office Furniture white collections, and saw a thumbnail image for the Maestro 25 PL (panel leg) wave desk in white. I clicked into that and really liked the spec of the desk… but the next thing I wanted to do was to price check to make sure I was getting the best or cheapest deal on this desk. A quick Google search later, and it was quickly apparent that Kima were the cheapest priced Maestro desk supplier on the Internet. 

Before I purchased though, I wanted to make sure that I was buying from a reputable and legitimate company, and so Google’d reviews of Kima Office Furniture to put my mind at rest. There were loads of positive reviews online, so that was enough for me to go ahead and purchase online. 

The check-out process was really simple, and I had the option to pay via credit card, PayPal, or ApplePay. I chose the credit card route and within about 30 seconds had successfully purchased my new white wave design office desk for my home office. 

The next thing that happened was that I received an email receipt through, which included details of my purchase, plus had a discount code on there too just in case I wanted to buy any matching drawers for the Maestro PL wave desk. I decided against this for the moment, but probably will do that purchase at some point in the near future. 

All I had to do now was wait, as I had opted for the free shipping option for delivery between 5 and 7 working days. What I wasn’t expecting though was a phone call a couple of days later from the delivery team to arrange a suitable time for me – I thought this was a great touch. 

I think it was day 5 that the Maestro 25 PL wave desk finally arrived and the delivery guys brought it into the house, and actually offered to assemble it for me quickly. I turned them down on that as I like to do these things myself. 

I wish I had taken some photos of how easy it was assembling the Dams Maestro 25 PL office desk. Reviews should really have images like this, but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which way you look at it!) the desk was so quick to assemble it completely passed me by to do this. 

Anyhow, I think within about 15 minutes my new white office desk for my home office was assembled and ready to go! So what did I think of it? Read on for my review of this fantastic office desk. 

So firstly, is it sturdy? Yes, very. The panel legs are set on small coasters which fit flush to the office floor, and are made from a very tough metal material in a silver colour or finish. I gave the desk the wobble test and it stood very firm. 

In terms of worktop surface, I was able to place my PC and keyboard on one side of the wave / curve, and then place all my design tools on the other side. When I sat in my chair and pulled myself into the desk it was really nice snug fit, and I can swing from one side of the desk to the other with ease – it’s a really comfortable arrangement. 

The next test I did with the Dams Maestro PL white office desk with a curve, was what I call the coffee test. I placed a hot mug of coffee on the worktop, and even spilled a little. I left it there for ten minutes, then wiped the stains clean. This desk has something called a 25mm melamine worktop, which is said to be heat and stain resistant. I can confirm it passed that test with flying colours. 

It also has cable access points, meaning I could make the working area look very tidy and not cluttered. It truly is an exceptional desk and I am very happy. 

One last thing that is worth mentioning is the customer service aspect I received from Kima Office Furniture. I think around 2 days after delivery, I received a lovely email from them, just touching base really to see what I thought of the desk, and if I had had any problems at all. 

This was a great touch, and is the main reason I felt so compelled to leave a review for them. I would recommend Kima Office Furniture to anybody thinking about buying white office furniture, or white office desks in the UK. Their Dams Maestro range of white office desks are brilliant, and if in the future I ever need to expand my business and buy a new desk, it certainly a process that I will repeat again.