Design Trends Now Appearing in Traditional Office Layouts

Design Trends Now Appearing in Traditional Office Layouts

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The traditional office environment is evolving with workspace planners encouraging a switch to more collaborative open-space design layouts. Whilst we used to see bosses sitting in corner offices, and staff members seated on the office floor, many businesses are now moving towards a more open environment. 

By eliminating barriers, you can possibly get more out of your staff, and improve the productivity of your business. This can be achieved by removing walls, buying different styles of office furniture, and improving the movement and flexibility of your workforce.

Some of the most recent design trends are as follows. We hope that some of these short pointers help your business, no matter what the size. 

Conceal Cables and Wires 

Many of the white office desks that we sell come already with cable management ports and functionality. Buying new office furniture with this feature is a quick and easy way to de-clutter workspaces and make working more streamlined. 

Create Designated Relax Areas 

Employees need to feel relaxed. They will probably work better this way. So with that in mind, create a designated lounge area for informal meetings and discussions. Employees who have this will sometimes communicate a lot better with each other. 

Use Colour to Organise Departments 

Have you considered our white office furniture range? Our desks and pedestals go great with bright colours, and many companies are now differentiating departments by colour. For example, the accounts team might have a blue wall, IT support could have a red wall. 

Install Multi-Purpose Workspaces 

Using non-assigned seating in your office allows for quick unscheduled meetings… which again are superb for collaboration and communication within the workforce. It might be a simple sit-stand office desk, or simple white office desks that don’t have permanent workers sat at them. 

Bring The Outdoors In 

The use of nature in offices is an initiative that we love right now. Whether it’s potted plants, or by using re-claimed wood in office furniture, you might find it leads to having a positive effect on the mood amongst your employees.

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