Is Ergonomic Office Design Truly Achievable with the Office Furniture Being Sold Today?

Is Ergonomic Office Design Truly Achievable with the Office Furniture Being Sold Today?

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Ergonomic office design is something that all businesses should try to embrace if they wish to empower their employees in creating collaborative and productive working environments. However, it’s fair to say that ergonomic office design is currently lagging behind a little when it comes to the demands of a modern workplace. 

Yes it’s possible to purchase ergonomic office desks, chairs, and supplementary products (many of which are in our white office furniture range), but there is still some way to go in reaching the peak of ergonomics. 

With an increasing emphasis on flexible working spaces over more traditional layouts such as static desks, there needs to be work done on adapting office furniture to suit these requirements. 

Recent research has found that challenges are being presented due to the change in the way we work in the 21st century. With more and more employees now working collaboratively, instead of alone, it’s more common for workers to be moving from one area of the office to another. 

A recent whitepaper on the matter was quoted as saying: 

“Organizations that fail to apply a “big picture” approach to office ergonomics are missing the opportunity to provide a safe and high performing workplace for their employees—regardless of the space they are using”. 

What we can take from this is that companies might be changing their office layout with areas such as breakout areas and more relaxed seating, but these spaces are not designed with ergonomics in mind. As a result this can lead to problems of posture, just like using poorly designed chairs and desks can do. 

There is a new term being used: active ergonomics. By using thid it’s possible to improve performance and comfort, and the aspects to active ergonomics include: 

  • Anthropometrics – How the body relates to its environment. This is based on the basic principles of ergonomics that we have learnt over the years.
  • Ambients – Environmental factors such as light, air, noise and temperature.
  • Movement – From moving from one space to another to adjusting furniture and equipment to meet the needs of the task you are working on. 

If office furniture designers and office layout planners can take these three elements into account, then we might yet see an improvement in the way in which we view ergonomics relating to the workplace. 

It’s not that there aren’t office furniture manufacturers out there who aren’t producing truly ergonomic designs… but when it comes to the factors that we have highlighted in this blog post, there certainly needs to be some changes made in the industry as a whole. 

At Kima Office Furniture we are pleased to partner with the very best manufacturers of white office furniture in the UK. All of their items have been tested to safety standards, but also designed after many years of customer feedback. 

We would recommend you explore our store and keep in mind the content of this article before you make the plunge and invest thousands of pounds in new furniture. Our sales support team would be more than happy to give you some advice on the best white office desks to suit your workplace.