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Fitting New Office Furniture Could Improve Morale in Your Business

All businesses would love to have an amazing workplace culture; one which fosters great working relationships, and ultimately leads to increased productivity and profits. If you want to get one step ahead, and want to improve your workplace culture then believe it or not, office furniture can actually place a part. 

By installing and fitting new office furniture you could see some visible improvements. Employees don’t just need office furniture though, they also need places where they can relax when not working, and collaborative spaces to engender a great working culture. 

Modern businesses often have employees that will spend a lot of time away from their own office desk, so being able to accommodate for that with alternative seating areas can be key to a successful business – it can also create better impressions with clients and customers. 

Here are just three ideas from the Kima Office Furniture team on how you can improve your working culture and the morale of your employees with new office furniture ideas. 

Your Reception Area 

Having the right furniture in your company reception will really impress your clients. For example, office sofas can offer a level of comfort to your visitors whilst they are waiting to be seen. 

Beam seating is one such option many companies choose if they have smaller spaces within which to work, meaning enough room for multiple visitors at any one time. 

Tables for Lunch Breaks 

Having dedicated lunch tables rather than having employees eating at their office desks is a great way to build camaraderie and to improve internal communication. We always recommend businesses have a dedicated lunch area where possible. 

Make sure you have plenty of room for everyone to sit around, and round bistro tables are a particular good option for this. They will encourage conversation and let your employees build a real sense of community in the workplace. 

Staff Breakout Areas 

When not working, it’s important to give your employees somewhere comfortable that they can sit. If workers are sat all day at their office desk, then they can develop health problems, not to mention having lower morale. 

Soft seating arrangements are great for this purpose, rather than having employees moving from one office desk to another. The key here is comfort and relaxation, rather than traditional office furniture arrangements.

Conclusion: If you would like help and support in planning your new office space then contact Kima Office Furniture today. One of our office furniture planners can give you some ideas and advice on what the best options are to suit you and your business.

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