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Five Things to Consider When Buying Office Furniture Online

The last decade has seen a move towards online sales becoming more prevalent. This in turn has led to some physical stores and shops closing. Whilst the decline of the British high street might be somewhat exaggerated, there’s no getting away from the fact that for business to business transactions there has definitely been a huge shift. 

The office furniture industry has been one which has seen particularly large changes. Whilst in the past, you might have had to go to a showroom or industrial estate outlet to buy desks, chairs, and tables, it’s now possible to buy everything that you need online with ease and low costs available. 

As an online retailer ourselves, we don’t actually have a showroom – we don’t need one to sell. One of the advantages of this is that our overheads are vastly reduced, meaning we can pass those savings onto our customers. Hence why we are one of the websites in the UK that consistently manages to offer the very lowest online prices.

If you have not bought office furniture online before, then here are five things that you should consider when shopping. If you follow our guidelines then you should have the peace of mind of getting a great deal from a trusted retailer.

1. Shop Around for the Best Available Deals 

Don’t buy from the first website that you see. There is plenty of competition online, with office furniture retailers all fighting for a piece of the pie. If you find a desk or chair that you like on one website, then Google that product name to see who else is selling it. You might find a cheaper price. 

At Kima Office Furniture we price-check on a weekly basis to ensure that our furniture prices are the lowest possible. If we see a competitor drop their prices then we do the same, but more so.

2. Read Online Reviews Before Purchasing 

It’s very easy these days to set up an online eCommerce website and start selling business to business, or to end consumers. The ease of getting to market is so much easier given the current off-the-shelf software products available. That means there are some companies who don’t have a decent track record of selling office furniture trying to sell to you. 

Our advice would be to Google for reviews of the company that you are buying from before you complete a transaction to make sure that past customers have had a positive experience. It goes without saying that you should also seek out reviews of the actual product that you are thinking about buying too. 

3. Make Sure That Your Transaction is Secure 

Don’t buy from a website that isn’t running on a secure server on proven technology. An easy way to make sure that your financial transaction is secure is to look to see if the website address starts with “https” – notice the letter s. (if using a Mac look for the padlock sign). This means the website is on a secure server. 

Our website is 100% secure and we don’t store your credit card details or financial information. We also accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and even now Apple Pay.

4. Check How Long Shipping Times Will Be 

Some online office furniture websites will be shipping from abroad. In fact, we have heard some horror stories where companies have ordered and paid for large consignments of office desks, only to then be told that the desks are shipping from another continent, with a delivery time scheduled for three months. 

Our website is UK-based, and all office furniture is delivered free of charge from within a UK delivery hub. Always check the website you are on to see what their own statement is regarding delivery and shipping so you don’t get caught out.

5. See If You Can Get Bulk Discounts When Ordering 

Most businesses looking to buy office furniture will be looking to order multiple items. As with any type of business transaction, it makes sense that when ordering in bulk that you should receive a discount due to volume. Not all office furniture websites offer this though. 

We are different at Kima Office Furniture. If you want to order in bulk for your business then contact us so we can prepare a bespoke quote for you depending on volume. We would love to hear from you as there’s every chance you can pay less than what’s actually displayed in your shopping cart. 

Final Thoughts From Our Team 

As you have probably gathered, we believe that we fulfil all of the criteria set-out in our five tips above. When you buy from us you have the confidence that you are paying less, shopping securely, and buying from a reputable, trusted retailer. 

To get started, simply visit our webstore to start your purchases this year.

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