Five Considerations When Designing Your Office Space in 2017

Five Considerations When Designing Your Office Space in 2017

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With 2017 now in full flow for many of our customers, we thought that we would put together some office design and furniture trends together to look out for over the next 12 months. It could also serve as inspiration to you if you are thinking about re-designing your office space this year. 

Increased Collaboration with Open Spaces 

This isn’t particularly new, as the move towards more collaborative office spaces have been a trend for some years now, but expect this to continue in 2017. The best use of open plan office spaces is to use office furniture which can be used for multiple scenarios. 

Don’t Forget Private Spaces Will Be Needed 

Whilst having open spaces is great in improving collaboration between employees, it can also mean privacy becomes an issue. When designing your office space, you will also need to consider quiet and private spaces which will be needed from time to time. 

Relaxed Break-Out Spaces for Happy Workers 

Happy employees are more productive than un-happy ones, and so it’s essential that there are places in the office that are more enjoyable or relaxed spaces. These places will also support teamwork and collaboration, such as break-out areas and sofas. 

Consider Access to Technology and Wi-Fi 

Don’t forget to ensure that your employees are able to access technology where it’s needed. If you have break-out spaces, then this area will need wi-fi access in order to function properly. Cable access points should be easily accessible at desks too, especially with the move towards hot-desking in some companies. 

Finally, Your Environmental Impact

Much of the white office furniture that we range on our store is manufactured using recycled or sustainable materials. If you require installation of white office furniture, we can also arrange to take away old office furniture and dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly fashion.