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Good Planning is Essential When Buying a New Office Desk for Your UK Business

The advent of a new year will often mean new ideas and plans, and that’s particularly relevant to businesses and companies in the UK. If you are looking to re-design your office to give it a brand new fresh feel, then you need to put proper planning in place. 

The first place that we start is often with the humble office desk. Before you think about simply just going out and buying one, we would always advise that you first take a moment to look the office space available. Many a person has bought a new desk without doing this first, and ended up regretting it! 

Consider the Working Space and Tasks

What we recommend that you do is consider the workflow and functionality that you need to serve. For example, what other types of furniture are you going to need to do your job properly. Thinking this through will let you create a proper plan, taking into account items such as cabinets and other desk users in the office.  

A massive consideration is leaving enough space for employees to be able to move about with freedom rather than having to squeeze past chairs and desks. Unhappy employees will always be less productive, so giving them space and room is paramount to business success. 

Decide Where Electrical Points Will Be

In your office design plan, set out where all the computing equipment and other office furniture will be placed – and even give thought to where your electrical points are especially if you have workers who desk share and need easy access to power outlets. 

If you need scanners, printers, and monitors on your desk, then sometimes a larger executive style white desk can be very good, and the corner ergonomic models will also work very well for this purpose. These office desks they traditionally offer far more space on the work surface. This is the main reason we recommend planning before purchasing an office desk for your new office re-design. 

What Do You Want to Portray?

Further aspects to consider will be the look and feel of the office, and the type of environment that you want to portray to employees and clients. For example, to create a relaxing feel in-line with your company vision and brand, then perhaps some sofas and meeting chairs will be required – as we mentioned earlier today, the brand you portray is key to how people view your business.

Our Summary

To summarise, when it comes to designing your office layout that will benefit your way of working isn’t just about buying a new office desk and sticking it down in the space. Planning can help to ensure that any office furniture you buy is designed for purpose, and will last you many years to come. 

With that in mind, much of the white office furniture that we range come with ten year manufacturer guarantees, meaning if you get it right first time, you won’t have to worry about buying any new items for many years to come. 

Our white office furniture range include items such as white bench desks, white office desks, and even our new white mobile office pedestal drawers sets (click here to get bargain). 

With the help of Kima Office Furniture and the range that we stock, you can create a stunning working office that will impress not just your clients, but also help to ensure that your employees work happy, and stay happy this year and into the future.

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