Has Your Business Set Any New Year’s Resolutions?

Has Your Business Set Any New Year’s Resolutions?

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As business owners, we are only too aware that goals and targets for your company won’t just magically happen, so with that in mind, we are always writing new action plans to help take us to the next level at Kima Office Furniture. The new year has provided a great impetus to do that afresh, but as resolutions for 2017. 

We have set out our method below, as we feel it might help many of the companies that buy office furniture from us. Take a look below and see what you think and whether you can apply them to your own company. 

Increase Sales and Orders in 2017 by X Percent 

When making new year’s resolutions for your business, make sure to set concrete and achievable goals. If you said your target was to increase sales, then simply doing so by £100 means you have hit your target, but let’s be honest, it’s not the most fantastic achievement is it? 

Make sure to set a target that’s feasible and means something. Take a look at the previous few years your business has been running, and aim for growth that is reasonable and attainable – whilst also giving you a target to work hard for that will make a difference to your business. 

Market Your Company Better Using Social Media 

This one we are really aiming to push forward this year, and have recently developed Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts to help us do so. 

A way in which you can help accelerate this resolution is to promise that you will publish a couple of blogs on your website each month, and then push those out via social media, and perhaps have a target of how many followers you want to hit each month. 

Become Known as the Expert in Your Market 

We already consider ourselves as experts in the market of office furniture, but we want the whole of the United Kingdom to know that too! Our existing customers appreciate it, but our aim is to be a brand name that all companies and businesses in the UK mention when thinking about buying white office furniture. 

To help with this we plan to talk at businesses workshops, seminars, and conferences in order to help to spread the reach of our brand. You could do the same, especially when it’s coupled up with an effective social media strategy. 

Become as Productive as Possible 

You can adapt this one to suit you. As an example though, last year the Kima Office Furniture team made a resolution to adopt new technology to help streamline our business. This included aspects such as switching to the Xero accounts platform and switching away from manually invoicing our customers – it has saved hours and hours of time. 

I am sure there is something in your business which takes up lots of your time that doesn’t need to so analyse where you are spending that time and see how it could be made more productive. 

Is There Work You Can Delegate or Outsource? 

Kima Office Furniture is a small family-run business as you can see from our About section. Last year we tried to do everything in our business, including designing and building our website. This could have been better served though if we had delegated this type of task to an outsourcer, letting us spend time more on customer service or sourcing new office desks and bench desking systems for our customers. 

Look at your own business and see if there are tasks that are taking you away from the activities that could really make a massive difference – and then see if that can be delegated elsewhere, or even outsourced – here’s a website you might like for outsourcing that we use. 

Our Conclusion: Setting attainable targets and goals is essential for all businesses, and the new year is a great time to start. Write them down now and see how much more profit you can generate, time you can save, and ultimately improve your company’s chances of success in 2017.