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Have You Seen the New YouTube HQ London Office Design?

The newly designed YouTube HQ has finally opened in London, and has opened up to the public. The company, owned by Google, has revealed some very nice looking interiors as part of the office re-design process. 

Apparently this is the largest office that YouTube have in Europe, and globally ranked as the second largest office worldwide. The newly opened creative hub lets users of YouTube have access (for free) to modern office technology (as well as beautiful white office furniture) in a large workspace. 

Deeper inside the new offices there are multiple stages, high quality studios, a 150-seat cinema and a green room fit with a hair and makeup suite – it’s been said to be the first facility in the UK to let video workers use 360-degree cameras, as well as VR gear such as HTC Vive.

In short, it’s an amazing looking office, complimented by some stunning office furniture arrangements. 

As we have often stated, a lot of importance should be placed on employee comfort, and YouTube have taken this to the next level with a modern café and other amazing looking workspaces designed to support creative-thinking. 

Now whilst we stated at the opening of this blog piece that the new offices were open to the public, unfortunately you can’t just turn up and walk in to see it for yourself.

All visitors need to have hit a certain subscriber amount on their YouTube channels in order to get in… so you might want to check your own office furniture channel to see if you hit the requirements!

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