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Have You Tried These Three Different Office Layouts?

Getting your office and workplace just right, so that productivity and communication is maximised can be a tricky task. There are many different way in which you can set-out the layout of your office space, so choosing the right one for your business is an essential task in itself, sometimes requiring some experimentation. 

It’s not just a case of deciding where your desks and tables should be arranged though, it’s also a massive consideration on how to place all the technology and peripherals you need on a daily basis. 

If you are finding it hard to decide how to choose the right office furniture layout to suit your business, then here are three different suggestions and plans that you can try out.

Rows of Office Desks and Tables 

Using rows of desks has been one of the most popular layouts for generations, as it’s easy to set tables out in this format. It can be a good choice because you can place departmental staff near to each other to help with communication and collaboration. It will also create a uniform appearance in the workplace. 

A downside to this type of arrangement is that whilst your employees could feel that they are working in isolation if they are the person at the end of a row. That could lead to a reduction in productivity in certain members of staff. Give it go, but listen to feedback from your employees to see what their views on this type of office desk arrangement feels like for them. 

Face-to-Face Office Desks 

An alternative arrangement can be to place office desks face-to-face. This should enable improved communication and can also reduce the issue of worker isolation that occurs on rows of desks and tables. It will help employees to stay in the loop with the daily work environment and could improve efficiency in your business. 

The negative aspect to this type of office furniture arrangement is that it can produce distractions in the workplace. You might find that employees are more inclined to engage in idle chit-chat which could reduce company productivity. If you choose this layout then you need to trust your employees and ensure that take on the correct responsibility.

Segregating Departmental Desks 

If your business suffers from communication barriers due to the desk arrangement, then have a think about departmental segregation. It can really help support cases where your employees work better in smaller-sized groups. 

If you find that this in turn produces more harm to your working and collaboration then a great way to manage this arrangement is with an open plan office design. The individual departments can be split using desk dividers (which we sell in our online store). 

Our conclusion: No one business is the same and so we would always advise experimentation with your office furniture. We sell a wide range of bench desks and modular office desks or tables which can be adapted to suit all the different design scenarios discussed in this blog post.

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