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Hot Office Furniture Trends We Will See in 2017

With modern offices changing drastically over the last decade, it’s interesting to try and predict what the office of the future will look like. Well, we’ve looked into our crystal ball and have seen some 2017 trends you can expect to see over the next few months. 

Businesses are looking towards brighter colours and cleaner looking workspaces with a lean towards collaboration and communication. We have seen this trend start with the purchase that customers have made from Kima Office Furniture, and in particular with a move towards white office furniture complemented with brightly coloured office chairs. 

But what about everything else? Here are some indications on what you can expect to see in 2017 in terms of modern office furniture design and layouts.


Pods are very versatile and can be altered to fit into most office spaces. Most available to buy online also come with wheels allowing ease of movement. Another key factor would be how practical they are – you can even use them in outside spaces to offer a relaxed break out space. 


Using booths it’s possible to re-engineer a boring space in your premises into a small meeting area to help improve working communication with employees. They are very funky, and we have seen these being sold into large creative agencies who want something a little bit different to go with their white bench desks. 


With the move towards open plan offices seemingly continuing on unabated, businesses are looking to improve communication and morale inside their companies. Using hot-desking solutions, sit-stand desks, and modular office furniture, it’s possible to create open plan environments that can make a difference to your bottom line. 


Wireless technology means that employees no longer need to be confined to their desk. As well as that, all the white office furniture that we sell comes with super cable management functionality. You can create a tidier and safer looking office with these advances in technology – perhaps not robot chairs though! 


As mentioned, many businesses are now bringing brighter colours into their premises. One such look is the use of white office furniture which is then contrasted with colourful office chairs, wall art, and partitions. 

So there’s just a few potential trends. Keep an eye on our blog for more ideas this year.

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