How About This for Some Fantastic Small Home Office Furniture Inspiration?

How About This for Some Fantastic Small Home Office Furniture Inspiration?

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You might have noticed that we have been a little bit quiet on our blog over the last two weeks… that’s because our head of marketing has had a much-needed holiday. We aim to get more blog content up and posted over the following weeks, including the addition of some new white office furniture items being added to the online store.

In the meantime though we thought that we would bring your attention a great blog post that we have just seen on the Evening Standard’s Homes and Property website which highlights Fifteen of the Best Ideas for home offices – which has inspiration for home workers that want to make small spaces work as a study room or a flexible office. 

As we have previously highlighted with our own content, many UK businesses are now letting their workers ditch the commute in order to set up flexible work spaces in the comfort of their own homes. 

In the article that we have highlighted above it’s possible to take a tour of a pick of some really good ideas for home offices. If you decide to take inspiration from any of them then we would also recommend that you browse our online store for some modern and clean looking white office furniture to supplement whichever idea you decide to use. 

We have a wide range of white office desks and white office drawers that work really well with modern home office computing equipment, such as the Apple range of Macs and iPads. For example, we recently spoke about this in a blog post from earlier in the year, so go check that out for more ideas about you can create the perfect home working environment no matter how much space you have.