How Are Your New Year’s Resolution’s for the Workplace Going?

How Are Your New Year’s Resolution’s for the Workplace Going?

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A few weeks ago we asked you if you were going to be setting any new year’s resolutions for your office and workplace and included some suggestions on what you could do including points on delegation and increasing profits. Well, did you make any of your own in the end, and did you take any inspiration from our ideas? 

Don’t worry if you didn’t, as goal setting can be hard, and milestones for employees can take a while to bed in to your organisation. The key is to make them qualitative rather than quantitative if they are really going to work and be adhered to. 

But if done correctly and managed well, then resolutions can really help improve the office environment as well as the attitude of your employees. 

In addition to the ideas we laid out in the original blog post, here are some more ideas that could inspire you, as it’s never too late to set targets and resolutions in the workplace. 

Manage Stress in the Office Better 

One way in which you can reduce stress is to encourage your workers to take little breaks. This can include things such as talking a short walk, or standing up and doing some physical activity such as a stretch. Perhaps not lunges – as these might make you look a little bit like David Brent! 

In simple terms, anything that breaks up the working routine and gets employees moving around a little can help to reduce stress levels and even their health. 

Declutter the Working Environment 

A tidy desk can equate to a tidy mind, or so the saying kind of goes. To  help with this try to establish some time for doing a quick clean-up of the office. It can also help to implement a company policy whereby your employees have to reduce the amount of paperwork that they produce. Great for the environment too. 

With that in mind, perhaps invest in some recycling bins where paperwork and batteries can be placed. Whilst we don’t stock these at the moment, we will be adding recycling bins to our webstore very soon so keep an eye out for those. 

Engender Positive Attitudes 

If you are positive towards your employees and regularly acknowledge good work or positive behavioural attitudes, then workers will react well – and ultimately be more productive. 

Try to encourage workers to see the positive in other employees, and show appreciation. We have found that when compliments are made in a modern working office then very quickly you can see some amazing benefits manifest themselves. 

Some Additional Ideas for 2017 

To wrap up this blog post, how about some other ideas to help in your office and business in 2017? Check out the following bullet points and see what you think, although you may already be doing some of these if you are a progressive and mindful business already. 

  • Introduce healthier options in work canteens or dispensing machines
  • Communicate better with employees, bosses, and co-workers
  • Offer rewards and incentives to employees for good work
  • Help your staff to improve their work with learning and educational initiatives 

You could even ask your employees for their own ideas on resolutions for the office in 2017. Seeing their opinions could give you a valuable insight into how your company works behind the scenes. You might be very surprised at what you hear from them!

To conclude, the advent of a new year is a great time to think about your business and start fresh with new ideas and plans to help push you forward. Little changes can have large impacts in an office.