How to Choose the Right Office Desk for Your Work or Home Office

How to Choose the Right Office Desk for Your Work or Home Office

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Having the correct desk in your office can make a massive difference to both your comfort and productivity. When it comes to choosing a new desk for your office, whether you work in a business environment or a home office, there are some aspects you should consider. 

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The type of new office desk you choose should meet not just the needs of your job, but also the way in which you work. You will also need to consider aspects such as the dimensions and constraints of the space in your office, and whether or not the quality of the desk will withstand the treatment you will mete out to it whilst working.

This is a just an introduction to what you need to think about when choosing a work desk, and below we’ve set out some really good information to help make sure you select the right office desk – with considerations for comfort, ergonomic factors, and productivity. 

How Will You Be Using Your Desk? 

The following scenarios of your typical working day and activities is very important when choosing a new desk for your home office or workplace. 

I will mainly be working on a computer - if this is the case then you need to choose a workstation specifically designed for workers using computers, PCs, and Macs. If you have a PC which has a large CPU then your desk will need space underneath to accommodate for this. Also look for desks with built-in cable management and holes for wires and connections. 

I will mainly be producing and printing paperwork – get an office desk which has plenty of room on the surface to lay out paperwork and files. You will need enough surface space on the desk for books, piles of paper, notepads, and your stationary. It’s also worth considering desks that come with cabinets and pedestals attached. 

I will be doing a combination of both including meetings – L shaped desks are a great solution for multi-purpose workers. If you have a little more money to spend than U-shaped desks can also be a great solution as they allow for collaboration with fellow workers. If you have multiple workers in an office then we would also recommend bench desk systems which you can see here

I will be working from a home office – home office workers you are limited on space could look at L shaped desks which can fit into corner spaces if you are working in a non-dedicated area of the house. If you have more space and want a modern approach then a white bench desk can also be a great addition to any home office.

I am very limited on space and need something smaller – those who don’t have masses of space in their office room or workplace could look at the popular range of compact computer desks or mobile computer carts – these can be fit into smaller spaces and also moved around as they are more portable and non-static. 

What Are Your Working Habits and Tools You Use 

The next consideration to make when choosing an office desk is what type of worker you are and the type of working activities that you most commonly do during the working day. 

If you are the type of person who likes to have everything to hand, then a larger desk could be ideal as you can place all of your tools of the trade within easy reach. If you run a home office then you might even need to fit a printer on your desk which will mean even more room will be required. 

What About Space, Comfort, and Ergonomics? 

This is probably the most important factor that comes into play given how much of your day will be spent sitting down at your desk – you should place comfort at a premium

Your desk should always have clearance space for your legs, with most office desks offering a height of about 30 inches. When sitting at the desk you should also allow for three foot of space between you and any other obstruction. 

If you do computer work and use a keyboard, then this should be set at a height that is comfortable for you to type at all day. If positioned too high then you could experience a lot of discomfort and pain after a period of working and typing. 

With that in mind, look for desks than can be adjusted up and down to suit you as an individual and follow health and safety guidance for office workers sitting down at a desk or in an office chair. 

Make sure that everything you need to do your job properly is within reach, and don’t overload your desktop. Which brings us neatly on to what type of desk surface you should choose when buying a new office desk. 

What Type of Desk Surface Should You Choose? 

The most popular type of desk surface in the modern office environment is a laminate finish. This is a plastic finish applied to a wooden core, and is cheap and hard-wearing, withstanding a lot of punishment. 

Oher people swear by metal desks, in many cases choosing steel finishes. These are gaining popularity in many different types of businesses, in particular modern media agencies working in adapted workspaces such as loft and industrial conversions.

Wooden office desks are not as popular but can still offer an excellent choice, but in most cases this choice will be made to suit the design and aesthetics of the office environment. Wooden desks will be more expensive though and tend to damage far easier than the laminated products. 

What About Stand-Up Desks?

Great question, as stand-up desks are now becoming more and more commonplace in modern office environments (we have previously highlighted this on our blog). 

Sitting down for hours on end is bad for your health, and a great amount of research has shown that office workers who sit all day can expect to experience negative health effects. You only have to visit the UK’s NHS website to see what the medical professionals have to say about this.

Standing desks have also been said to improve productivity and alertness so should always be considered, but having said that many people find the concept quite a foreign one… but you should go with your gut on this – but at the very least perhaps try one out for a day before making your final decision. 

Our Conclusion: Choosing the right office desk isn’t as straight-forward as it might have been years ago, in particular due to the wide range of choice now available – you just need to check our website to see the wide collections available. Read our blog post a couple of times before making your decision or choice and then contact us should you need any help in choosing.