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Introducing the Dams Range of Office Furniture

Kima Office Furniture are proud to announce the launch of the Dams range of office furniture now live on our website. To explore this new range that we can now offer to our customers then please visit our webstore, and the Dams section

It’s still very much early days, as they have so many items in their catalogue, but over the coming months we hope to add the entire Dams range so that our customer can get some great deals at the lowest prices. 

We have also set up a Pinterest board specifically to help us sell and promote the Dams range of chairs and desks. We have embedded an example pin below, so if you do use Pinterest please visit this link or use the function below.

Why Shop for Dams Furniture 

You are probably already aware of the name, but just in case you aren’t let us introduce you to this UK manufacturer. If you click into our store you will see the entire Dams collection which has some great information about this company. 

It includes reasons to buy and details on their manufacturing process and ethos. We recommend them 100% and are proud to be able to offer their stunning range of desks and chairs including their white office furniture range.

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