Left Hand Office Desk Deals and Discounts Now Online

Left Hand Office Desk Deals and Discounts Now Online

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At Kima Office Furniture we are constantly looking to expand our product range to give our customers even more choice. This week we launched our left hand office desk collection which exclusively contains only left desks that are designed and built for left-handed users. 

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Why We Sell Left Handed Office Corner Desks? 

We are committed to offering great deals on office furniture, and have had requests over the last 6 months to expand this range. So we are pleased to be able to launch this collection in 2017. 

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To expand on this, we asked one of our team members who is left-handed themselves and already uses one of these featured left hand office desks for their thoughts on this new collection. This is what they had to say in their own words. 

It’s odd, but even now being left-handed remains something that other people find surprising. I always get comments from people at least a couple of times each year. But putting that aside, it can be quite frustrating at times, because like it or not we do live in a world that is set-up to make things easy for right-handed people. 

Some real-world examples would include having to use tape measures the wrong way up, or the fact that a tin-opener becomes this hugely complex tool in our hands… and my personal pet-hate, when I go to the bank and the pen is on the incorrect side of the cashier’s window. 

When it comes to the office though, being left-handed can also throw up some challenges. Off the top of my head, here are some things that I often notice when at work. Thankfully I do use a left hand office desk, but there are still some remaining pitfalls as I will discuss below. 

Right-handed scissors - Probably the most common issue, scissors. When a left-handed person such as myself uses a standard pair then the paper will crumple, I struggle to cut along a line, and is plainly a complete pain in the backside. 

And what about an ergonomic computer mouse - In a previous role I was given a ergonomic computer mouse to go with the new left handed office corner desk I had just been sat at. Of course, I was very grateful until I tried to use it! Agh! 

Thankfully we have been able to provide our employee quoted above with a left-handed computer desk which has alleviates one problem. If you want to explore the latest available prices then please explore our website today.