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Maestro Desk Reviews: The Perfect Office Desk & Low Prices

When it comes to UK and British-manufactured high-quality office desks, then there is one particular range which consistently out-sells the rest; the Dams Maestro office desk collection. We sell this range at heavily discounted RRPs, and have plenty in stock and available to buy today. But what about customer reviews of these products?

We asked 5 customers who have previously bought a Maestro office desk from us to give us a short and concise review of what they think. You can read those Maestro desk reviews below – with links into the products themselves in order to view the latest prices. 

All desks are available in beech, maple, oak, walnut, and white.

Maestro 25 Cantilever Leg WL Desk Review 

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“It was the free delivery that made our mind up as our business was initially considering a different brand. All of our employees now have Maestro cantilever leg desks and they are proving to be exceptional value, and very robust. I am more than happy to let you guys use my testimonial on your Maestro office desk reviews page.”

“I have a small home office so wanted something that was affordable and fitted into the exact space I have. I don’t typically leave reviews, but in this case happy to as not only is the office desk superb, but the level of service I received from your company was second to none.” 

“Low price, high quality. The mobile pedestal I also bought to accompany my new desk are a particular highlight for me, and now mean my desktop has a degree of normality resumed, compared to the previous wild-west look it used to have. Love it.”

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Maestro 25 PL Ergonomic Desk Review 

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“I wanted something that was comfortable but practical. I chose an ergonomic model as I work full-time from home so wanted something that was designed with this in mind. The Maestro ergonomic office desk is an exceptional product. It was easy to put together and ideal for my home office, thanks.”

“We run a call centre with central hubs on the floor for our team leaders. We have standard bench desks for telephone operators, but are using the new ergonomic desks from Kima for the central hub and they look fantastic. Would recommend the desks, and the website!” 

“Big. Bold. Beautiful. That’s my take on it. I have the model with the drawers, and have set it up so that I have a monitor on one side, then a smaller screen on the other giving me dual screens. Yes, it was cheap, but it’s not nasty. I shopped around for my one and found the best deal with Kima Office Furniture.” 

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Maestro 25 PL 2 Drawer Pedestal Desk Review 

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“Our legal team needed new desks this year. We wanted a solution that was in a beech shade to match our existing office furniture, and also desks with drawers included. The solicitors are all extremely satisfied with the new desks, and our accounts team were pleased with the pricing discounts you offered us. Regards, and thank you.” 

“This is the second time I have bought a Maestro office desk due to business expansion. They are my preferred brand due to the high level of workmanship, and Kima Office Furniture are my preferred supplier. You guys always hit the mark, and when we hopefully expand more next year we will be coming back to place a new order. Please feel free to publish my review of the Maestro desks we have purchased.” 

“If anybody is considering buying new office desks or furniture in bulk then I would for sure recommend the Maestro desks range. The PL models we bought two months ago have transformed our head office. The customer service you offered was also brilliant, and the team who put the new furniture together for us were both courteous, tidy, and quick. Thank you so much for getting the items to us in super-fast time. Will order again.” 

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Maestro 25 PL Wave Desk Review 

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“Please use my testimonial, as I have already Tweeted one out this morning. In the past we have gone really cheap, but this time decided to spend a little more. I Googl’d around for Maestro desk reviews and soon made up my mind they would be a good fit for us. No going back now if we ever decide to buy again as it will always be Maestro.” 

“We opted to have next day delivery due to water damage in one of our offices being a good time to do a re-furbish. Kima Office Furniture couldn’t have been more helpful, and the wavy curvy desks we ordered from you look awesome.” 

“Based on the fact that we have had Dams Maestro desks before, it was a simple decision to make. The fact they come with a 10 year guarantee is something that you don’t often see when shopping online for office furniture. The wave desks are tough, and in our office that’s important as we work in a busy environment. I would give them 5 stars out of 5. Highy recommended.” 

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Our Own Opinion 

We are constantly looking for the next new thing in the office furniture world. We continually update our stock and store with new deals and new brands. But there is one thing that has always remained constant for us, and that’s the Dams Maestro range of affordable office desks

In terms of value for money and affordability you can’t go wrong with them, and the fact that we get such glowing reviews for the whole range is testament to that fact. 

All models are manufactured in the UK to European and British safety standards as well as being FIRA tested – which is the UK office furniture standards of quality organisation. These desks are built to last, hence the ten-year warranties that they offer.

With 25mm melamine worktops that are both heat and stain resistant, low prices, and speedy delivery, it’s no wonder that they are consistently among our best-selling items to UK customers. 

If you have purchased from us before and would like to leave a review or testimonial, then we would love to hear from you.

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