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Meet the Self-Parking Office Chair: Maybe It’s Not the Future?

Are you lazy? Do you find having to push your office chair into your desk just too much? If that sounds like you then you are the perfect candidate for the Nissan intelligent parking chair. Yes, that’s right, this Japanese company has designed a chair that self-parks. Don’t believe us? Then watch the video below. 

We Don't Think This is the Future to be Honest

Admittedly we can’t see this one catching on, and they are simply in the concept phase at the moment – it’s hard to believe there would be the demand for office chairs like this, but then who knows? 

The sensors in the chairs communicate with 4 cameras in the office room in order to help the chairs navigate into position. Sounds like a lot of hard work already just to have a self-parking office chair doesn’t it? 

In order to get the chairs moving, the user has to clap their hands and they set off, R2-D2 style under the desk. Nice gimmick, but pretty pointless we reckon. 

We originally heard about this story on The Entrepreneur website. The journalist who wrote the article is quoted as saying: 

“We reached out to Nissan for more details, but have yet to hear back. In the meantime, we’ll be daydreaming about commanding a pack of ergonomically correct conference room chairs, one bossy clap at a time.” 

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