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Mobile Pedestals are Great for Space Saving and Efficiency

It goes without saying that organisation can help with worker productivity and efficiency. Having well organised desk spaces in your workplace can help with this, and could lead to your workers being more effective at their job. One way in which office managers can do this is by buying mobile pedestals to sit under or alongside the bench desks you already have. 

Explore Discount Prices on Mobile Pedestals in the UK

At Kima Office Furniture, we have a wide range of white mobile pedestals designed to suit and complement our white bench desk range, and also more standard traditional colours from Dams Maestro to suit most office designs and layouts. 

White mobile pedestals - click here to buy now at a discount price

Save on Space and Be More Efficient

By designing your office space more efficiently with space-saving storage solutions, you should see some improvements – in morale and productivity. For example, let’s say you have a collection of white bench desks, by having an under-desk or mobile pedestal to match, your employees can store cluttered paperwork away from the desk worktop meaning they should work better. 

The reason we keep mentioning white colours is because we are seeing a huge spiked trend in customers coming to us to buy white office furniture this year – it’s trendy and clean modern looking and can look great – have a look at our collections to see what you could have in your business. 

Use Bench Desks to Improve Collaboration

Bench desks are great for collaborative working environment, and can be used as single office desks, or grouped together. If you want to explore the options available to you, or simply want to talk to us about how you can plan an office re-furbishment using white office furniture then please drop us a line today. 

We have many different mobile pedestals which can either slot under an existing desk, or be wheeled into an available space. Their portability means you can try out different office layouts and designs before settling on the best approach.

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