The Performance of Employees Can Be Linked to Innovative Office Design

The Performance of Employees Can Be Linked to Innovative Office Design

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A recent study from the architectural firm Gensler seems to suggest that the performance of employees can be directly linked to how innovative the office design is. The website has recently referred to this research in an excellent new blog post regarding the best office layouts for four different types of work environment

To quote the blog article: 

“True workplace innovation starts when you think three steps ahead regarding your current office environment. Consider how to combine new design to boost productivity and breakthroughs. Though it's difficult to find one universal metric that easily measures productivity in the workplace, there are four key "work modes" that are essential to achieve productivity and creativity: focus, collaboration, learning, and socializing”

According to Gensler's 2016 study, nearly fifty million workers in the United States are currently working in premises that don’t help them to be innovative. It’s a huge number, and potentially represents huge amounts of money lost in potential business revenues. 

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