The Kima Office Furniture PodCast Channel Now Launched

The Kima Office Furniture PodCast Channel Now Launched

Posted by Kima Office Furniture on

We have decided to launch a podcast channel on the popular PodBean website. Whilst it’s still very much early days, if you would like to listen to what we have already uploaded then please check it out here. We believe that our industry is lacking when it comes to online marketing and so this is just one avenue where we hope to making in-roads towards more sales and revenue. 

In our podcasts we will be interviewing the movers and shakers from the UK office furniture industry and would love to hear from anybody else who would like to get involved.

Each month we will try to interview someone new from the industry, as well as talking to people who already work at Kima Office Furniture. 

If you have any opinions on white office furniture, or the industry in the UK as a whole then please contact us via our website to arrange an interview which we can hopefully post to our podcast channel on PodBean.

As well as PodBean, we will also be posting all audio to our Soundcloud and BuzzSprout accounts as we know some users prefer those platforms.