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Our Recommendation for an Interior Designer in Bournemouth

As one of the leading suppliers of office furniture in the UK we are often asked by our customers if we can recommend any interior designers to help them complete their refurbishment projects. When it comes to choosing an interior design company, you should always look for recommendations. 

In terms of who we recommend, then it’s the KTM Design company based down on the south coast in Bournemouth. You can visit their interior designers website here. 

But why do we recommend them? Well, there’s a number of reasons, but firstly it’s the most simple of reasons; there are outstanding and very, very good at what they do. 

As a young team of interior designers in Bournemouth, they are on a mission to not just bring an intelligent design approach to everything that they do, but also to offer stunning spatial solutions to private and public spaces around the UK. They want to change the way in which people think and behave. 

Some recent projects that they have undertaken include this supern interior design project for the financial company Evolve. The client tasked KTM Design of Bournemouth to design and develop a new interior plan and look for a new and modern office premises. 

KTM Design didn’t just source the office furniture, but they also designed the entire office layout. Working with a graphic designer, the branding for the company was also updated, with that look and feel running through all of the interiors. 

As you can see from the photos, the results look amazing, with a brand new modern office space that the client and employees absolutely love.

f you would like an interior designer that comes thoroughly recommended then look no further than KTM Design of Bournemouth. You can contact them via their website, or via the contact details shown below. 

KTM Design
101 Markham Road
BH9 1JD 

01202 069499

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