The Rise in Popularity of the Bench Desk in UK Office Design

The Rise in Popularity of the Bench Desk in UK Office Design

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You have probably noticed the modern trend in office design. Out with maze-like corridors and small rooms, and in with more open plan environments. This trend in design has not just had an impact on layout, but also the design of the office furniture being used.

The way we work is ever-changing, and because of this we are seeing an increase in how our customers shop for office desks – with bench desks now selling very well. 

What Are Bench Desks? 

Bench desks are used when employees sit at a bench-shaped desk. Pretty simple. These desks are popular due to how cheap and affordable they are, but also the impact it can have on inter-employee communication. 

For example, it’s not unheard of for heads of department to also be seated at the desk, meaning the old barriers to worker feedback are greatly reduced. 

Bench desks are simple to assemble and can be clustered and joined together to make larger working spaces depending on your requirements. Call centres are a great example of where they are used a lot and to great success. 

The Impact of Modern Technology 

The advent of new technology in the workplace as well as how working days and hours are structured is also a reason for the rise in popularity in bench desks. A lot of computing is now far smaller than it was ever before, meaning less desktop room is needed. 

With the move to paperless offices also becoming the norm, it has meant it’s far easier than ever before to make effective use of the space in your office, and how office desks are used and put together on the floor. 

The Rise of Hot-Desking 

Many companies are also now promoting the habit of hot-desking where workers don’t have the need for a dedicated desk or space. With the advent of wi-fi Internet connectivity and workers now moving towards using laptops it has made this trend more popular in the UK. 

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