Setting Up the Ideal Home Office Working Environment

Setting Up the Ideal Home Office Working Environment

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Working from home can be both rewarding and frustrating in equal measures. You have the freedom to focus on your work with little interruption, but at the same time might miss the regimented approach to working in a corporate office environment.

The set-up and layout of how your home office is designed can prove to be a huge block to both creativity and productivity, and a messy working environment can lead to unnecessary stress and negativity. 

We have put together some tips below which we hope will let you make the most of your home office, and being Kima, of course that will include some details on what home office furniture recommendations you could consider. 

Eliminate Distractions 

Seeing as your office is in your home, there’s every chance that aspects to your personal and social life will encroach into your working space. Take a look around your home office space and see how many distractions you can see. 

This could include things such as a TV, computer games, and other forms of distraction that are not conducive to you getting good day’s work done. 

You need to be able to separate your personal and working life and set boundaries in the office. Move distracting items out of the room or off the home office furniture and see how quickly you can focus again. 

Invest in a Comfortable Home Office Chair 

When it comes to your home office chair, don’t settle for a cheap option. You are potentially going to be sat in your office chair for hours at a time so it’s imperative that you are comfortable and aren’t setting yourself up for aches and pains. 

Suffering with back pain isn’t going to help you run your home business so if you don’t pay attention to what your back is telling you then there’s every chance you could become one of the millions of people affected with back pain each year. 

At Kima Office Furniture we have a wide range of home office chairs that are both comfortable, ergonomic, and affordable. Take a look at our online store to see just some of the options available today. 

Make Sure the Office Lighting is Sufficient 

Are you getting enough natural light in your home office? There is countless research that shows people will feel more lethargic in the winter season due to a lack of sunlight. By having a decent stream of natural light coming into your office you can improve the mood and productivity during the day. 

If you don’t have any windows, then it’s worth looking a SAD lights and lamps, which are designed to replicate natural sunlight, and are used by people suffering with seasonal affective disorder in the winter months. 

Ultimately you don’t want to be straining your eyes if your home office is too dark, so make sure any lighting you do have is fit for purpose and doesn’t lead to you experiencing headaches. Flickering lights can be a huge nuisance, and will contribute greatly to whether you feel good or bad whilst working from home. 

De-Clutter Your Workspace With Home Office Storage 

If you are like so many other people, and find paperwork piling up then it’s probably time to take a look at your home office furniture set-up, and in particular your storage solutions. The less clutter you have, then the fewer items of distraction you will also have. 

You can increase your storage space with white office storage, and we currently have some on offer so browse our products now to see if you can find anything to suit your own work space. 

Some of the more popular products worth considering for home office storage solutions are filing cabinets, shelves, files, and folders. You might find that having more storage solutions in your home office takes away some floor space, but that surely is more preferable than having clutter everywhere?

Purchase Modern Home Office Furniture

A clean and modern looking work environment will always be enhanced depending on the office furniture that you use. Studies show that clean and modern offices tend to lend themselves more to productive work.

One trend in home and corporate office design at the moment is white office furniture. At Kima we have a large range of collections and sets on offer, all of which can be purchased as singular units, making them ideal for home-based workers.

We started out as a home business, so speak from experience when we say that having nice new and modern office furniture really can make a massive difference to how you work. Go see for yourself on the Kima Office Furniture website!