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6 Tips & Trends for Fantastic Office Design in 2017

You might be getting ready for Christmas, but at Kima Office Furniture the grind never stops, and this week we asked one of the team to put together some tips and trends in office design that you can expect to see in 2017 – some of which can be used in tandem with our white modular office furniture that we currently are ranging. 

Now you might be of the opinion that with all the research on office space that has been published online, most modern workplaces might be a hive of worker activity, but that’s not always the case and businesses should really be looking to gain any competitive advantage that they can. 

A recent paper published by Teknion titled “Ethonomics: Designing For The Principles Of The Modern Workplace” (find out more here) outlines new design strategies that could make employees happier. The paper has revealed that the workplace is ripe for reinvention and one of the authors was quoted as saying: 

“Workspaces should flex to provide a variety of spaces and destinations for workers to inhabit that promote movement throughout the day. While many companies are doing a good job of incorporating some of these elements into their workplace design, there’s a need for more awareness and implementation of this way of thinking holistically about the workplace.” 

So with 2017 fast-approaching what better time to say out with the old and in with the new? Here are some fantastic ideas that you can use on your business premises based on some of the ideas from the referenced paper to make your workers more productive. 

Hide Wiring 

Eliminating wires and cabling from desks and rooms can not only support health and safety legislation, but a tidy environment is definitely better for the mood. You might have really expensive office furniture installed, but if there are wires and cables all over the place, the working environment will look terrible. 

Clean and simple, un-cluttered working environments are much more preferable. A tidy desk means a tidy mind is one saying that comes to the fore here. 

Bring the Outdoors Inside 

Natural elements are huge right now in office design and office furniture. Recent trends are pointing towards reclaimed wood panel installations, exposed concrete flooring, and incorporating natural flora patterns in fabrics and artwork. 

Some companies are even installing living walls with the additional of plants and flower presentations built-in – the look can be stunning especially when combined with clean white office furniture. Having plants in an office will also help with the mood and productivity of your workers; many studies have confirmed this. 

Create Multipurpose Workspaces 

There is a trend you have probably already noticed in modern office design, and that’s the disappearance of the once-popular cubicles. Even benches including white office benches are starting to go, being replaced with non-assigned seating. 

Expect to see oval-shaped office desks and tables meaning larger groups of people can meet including concessions in office furniture to include adjustable table heights. 

Designated Lounge Areas 

The days of the rigid workstation are now being countered with more comfortable office spaces, mainly due to the advent of wireless technology – giving workers more freedom. Many businesses now make it mandatory that their regional offices have these types of spaces. 

Having relaxed areas for employees to meet, outside of the staid office environment, can have a huge effect on morale and productivity so it’s worth seriously considering.  

Use Community Tables 

Businesses that are starting to install community tables are part of an emerging office design trend, but in truth, this type of approach has been around for centuries. It’s a symbol of alliance and kinship. 

Community tables can help to foster a togetherness in the workplace with your employees, and can also like lounge areas, help to relax employees and foster great working relationships. 

Modular Design Layouts 

Design experts see flexibility as a growing trend in office space design, with office furniture now being designed for a modular approach to fit together without rules based on strict planning. 

At Kima Office Furniture we have some fantastic pieces of white modular office furniture which can be moved to fit and customised to suit all types of working spaces and office environments. You can see our range by clicking here.  

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