Standing Desks and Bench Desks in the Modern Office Work Place

Standing Desks and Bench Desks in the Modern Office Work Place

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Over the last decade, the way in which businesses view how their offices should look and feel has changed drastically. There has been a massive shift from the old rigid and staid approach to one which looks to maximize both space and productivity. 

The old way in which offices were designed tended to lean towards layouts and structures that that pointed towards hierarchy and structure. But a by-product of this was it had a negative effect on efficiency, collaboration and individuality. 

The first steps away from this was the introduction of office cubicles, and they certainly did make better use of office space. However, they didn’t really address the issue of collaboration and productivity. It was a “one-size fits all” approach that was even said to have a negative impact on employee morale. 

Modern Office Furniture Can Increase Morale

However, as stated in the starting paragraph, we are now seeing a new trend where the way in which office furniture is used can lead to better employee morale, productivity, and use of space. Businesses are now looking to make their office space for both workers and clients, and this has led to more open spaces and a less formal approach to office design. 

But, it doesn’t matter how much you change aesthetics and office plans as there will always be one constant demand, and that’s office desks for employees. There are still needed, and certainly aren’t going away any time soon. 

Office Desks Have Undergone a Transformation

So desks are here to stay, but they haven’t actually been left behind with these new design trends. In fact, the concept of the traditional office desk has also undergone a transformation and revolution of its own. 

As you might be aware already, office desks have tended to fall into four types. You have the following models that haven’t really changed down the years: 

  • Executive office desks
  • Managerial office desks
  • Boardroom tables
  • General use office desks 

These office tables have not changed over the decades and have stood the test of time, despite the revolution of office design that we have already referred to. But, the styles of office desks have seen some changes to suit modern trends. 

Standing Desks: Great for Worker Health

One such example where a massive design changes has occurred is standing desks (also known as adjustable office desks). These are proven to help with the health of office workers as they can improve blood flow, help with back ache, and some studies even state they can lead to increased work capacity. 

 At Kima Office Furniture we would recommend that all businesses look into standing desks and the benefits that they can bring. As a modern office desk you can’t really go wrong, and we have a large selection in stock currently, many of which are on offer right now. 

Bench Desks: Great for Collaborative Working

Other items that we recommend would be bench desks, of which we have some stunning white models in stock. Bench desks are fantastic for collaborative work environments and offer a great level of flexibility in the work place. 

The white bench desks we have in stock currently come with docking stations for laptops and mobile devices to facilitate team efforts as well ample desktop space for documents and work materials.  

To conclude, if your office hasn’t had a re-think in the last few years, then there really is no better time than now to go take a look. We have a superb range of office furniture designed to be able to fit into any scenario. With low prices and fantastic customer service try Kima Office Furniture today and get your business moving this year.