The Challenges in Furnishing a Smaller Office Space

The Challenges in Furnishing a Smaller Office Space

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Not all companies that we sell our white office furniture too have the luxury of having a large workspace within which to plan and design their new layouts. Many businesses that we sell too are small sized businesses with under 10 employees. For some of these types of customers, budgets can be tight and space can be at a premium. 

Because of this, it’s essential to choose the best white office furniture to maximise the smaller space available at a price that suits your budgets. Understanding the challenges facing small businesses who need office furniture for small offices is something that Kima is very adept at – after all, we started small ourselves. 

At Kima Office Furniture we have a large range of innovation and intuitive storage solutions as well as many different desk types coming in various sizes. This helps us to help you in having the freedom of choice and flexibility.

We can help you to create the perfect small office space that works for you, your employees, and visiting clients. To get started you simply need to get in touch with us to see how we can provide bench desks, tables, chairs, and cupboards for your particular challenge – and all at discounted prices that should be very affordable.

Plan Your Re-Design Carefully

When it comes to ordering office furniture from us, we will talk to you about how you can reduce your reliance on excessive space. We would rather you do that than try to buy smaller desks that might not be fit for purpose. Pre-planning and design is key at this stage. 

Use the Cloud for Some IT Services

Other considerations to take into account include aspects such as storing computer servers off-site and using cloud-based computing solutions. By reducing down the amount of technology taking up floor space, you could greatly enhance your small office space, leaving room for ergonomic office furniture that suits your working tasks. 

Make Use of Outside Space

Some of our clients also make better use of their outside space. This isn’t always possible in the UK due to our unpredictable weather, but having meetings outdoors rather than inside can help with saving on space. 

Buy Furniture Fit for Purpose

Make sure that you buy office furniture that suits the needs of your employees, rather than buying huge executive desks which might not be necessary. Smaller desks will mean more space within which your employees can walk around, and that in turn could make them happier and more productive. 

De-Clutter Your Small Office

The final note, is to de-clutter your small office space. Take a fresh look around and ask yourself whether all the items in the workplace are truly needed. It’s kind of like a spring clean that you might have done at home. Some inspiring ideas on how to do this effectively are outlined in a book called The Konmari Method – worth checking out!