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The Decision-Making Process When Buying an Office Desk

Having the right office desk for you isn’t something that most people give massive amounts of thought too, but perhaps it should be considering the amount of time you are going to be sat working at it? 

If you want to give some serious thought to the aspects involved in choosing the best office desk to suit you, your space, and work requirements, then it will typically take a few hours to make a decision – after all there are so many different desk arrangements to choose from as you can see from our white office furniture collections, and more traditional office desks

If you don’t want to spend hours trawling through different office desk types, most of which might even look the same, then please take our advice with these time-saving tips detailed below. 

The Space Required for an Office Desk 

The majority of office desks will be in standard sizes. For example most workstations will be between 1000mm and 1400mm wide, and then at least 800mm deep. Make sure that you measure up the space in your office before clicking the “add to cart” button as there’s nothing worse than putting a desk together only to realise that it doesn’t fit. 

The Shape of Your Office Desk 

This is where it can get very interesting due to the large variety of shapes and configurations now available in modern office desk solutions. For example, you have the traditional rectangular desk, but now it’s possible to buy ergonomic models, corner desks, standing-up desks, circular models, and many more. Depending on how you work and your role, will dictate the type of office desk that you choose so decide now before buying. 

The Style and Design of Your Office Desk 

By this we mean what your taste in style is. What type of finish do you want? Do you want to spend a little more on something in the executive style? Decisions, decisions. We have plenty of different brands and styles in stock so check our latest additions and collections to see what might suit you as an individual, or the needs of your employees. 

What Extra Functionality Will You Need? 

Some desks that we sell are height-adjustable. Some come with built-in under-desk pedestals and drawers. Some have modesty panels. Most have cable access points. And then we have modular white office desks which can slot together to let you create collaborative working spaces and arrangements. Take a little while to think about what you need now, and what you might need in the future. 

How Much to Spend on a New Office Desk? 

Ah, budget and cost. The familiar decision that anyone buying a new office desk will have to make. Thankfully at Kima Office Furniture we only sell the highest quality items, but sell those at the lowest prices. We price check on a weekly basis to ensure that the RRPs on our office desks is always lower than the competition, meaning you can always pick up a bargain when shopping online with us. 

If you consider all of the above points before you invest in your next desk, you should end up with a desk that will work for you for as long as you need it to.

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