The Hustle Report on a US Trend to Return to Private Working Office Spaces

The Hustle Report on a US Trend to Return to Private Working Office Spaces

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Interesting news from The Hustle website today, where they are reporting on new research showing that open offices might not be as productive as we have been inclined to think. 

In the article, titled “The Open Office Fad May be Fading”, their report states how around 70% of offices in the United States currently use open office concepts. However, new research now shows that employees might be 15% less productive in this type of workspace environment, plus are more likely to get ill. 

The pieces goes on to reference how some American companies are switching back to more private work spaces, including Microsoft’s IT innovation group who are putting programmers back into smaller offices so that they can “hunker down and focus”. 

In the Hustle article there are links to the recent research, as well as a little bit more detail on the claims. 

From a UK perspective it’s an interesting one, and when we see similar research published based on British research we shall also blog about that… but regardless it certainly offers some food for thought. 

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