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The Reasons Why Bench Desks Suit the Modern Working Environment

Times are changing, and with more and more businesses changing their working practices like never before in order to accommodate for new advances in technology, furniture is also having to adapt. For example, in days gone past, large office desks and cubicles were standard, but that has now changed, with bench desk systems being more commonplace. 

Kima Office Furniture has been at the forefront of these changes, and have had to adapt to meet an ever-changing market, as well as demands from businesses both large and small around the UK with their requests for office furniture orders. 

Bench desks, and in particular white bench desks, and now one of our biggest sellers, with many new and existing customers ordering them over the last few months. With that in mind we thought we would take a closer look at this growing trend, explaining what benefits bench desks can bring to businesses, no matter what their size. 

Offices and Businesses Have Changed 

The largest factor in the increase in demand for bench desking systems has been the way in which modern office environments are set-up. 

Depending on your age, you might remember a couple of decades ago when offices were typically very structured places, with different departments and sections – in other words, very much the opposite of an open plan environment. 

In the modern age, trends now see companies getting rid of partitions and making the workspace a lot more collaborative and open plan. It’s a preferred approach for many reasons, some of which we have previously highlighted on our blog. 

Bench desks don’t just lend themselves well to a collaborative and productive working environment though, they are also flexible and cost-effective meaning many businesses now buy them with expansion and change in mind. 

Technology Leading to Design Changes 

Another factor leading to the increased popularity of bench office desks is how technology has changed the workplace. Office computers have become smaller, components tinier, and wireless technology has led to massive changes

These changes, much of which is down to Moore’s Law of Computing, has meant workers don’t need as much desk space in the office. 

It’s not just the tech involved though, the use of paper has also reduced, meaning employees no longer need as many cabinets, or desk space – which in turn again has meant the footprint required for office desks and furniture has slimmed down. 

All of this has enabled businesses to actually focus more on the space that they have from a design and aesthetics perspective. For businesses like us that sell office furniture we have seen companies ordering more design led pieces such as modern white bench desks and really stunning pieces. 

We are also seeing many businesses tell us that the advent of hot-desking has meant that some of their employees don’t actually need a dedicated workspace or office desks. Office benching systems are perfect for this scenario. 

Economic Reasons 

Finally, the last few years have seen a lot of instability in UK business. Many companies have looked to reduce costs, and part of that has meant not wishing to spend as much on office furniture including desks and chairs. 

Bench desks tend to be cheap and affordable, and can be modular too letting businesses either grow and reduce depending on the economic climate. Not only that, but with companies that experience high staff turnover, benching systems allow for a fluid approach to staff seating arrangements – call centres being a classic example. 

Our Conclusion: All of the office furniture you buy from us is built in the UK, comes with guarantees, and we offer free shipping. Please explore our store today to look for a solution to suit your business, and don’t be afraid to call us should you need any advice on choosing your desks and chairs.

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