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Think You Have a Large Bench Desk? We Bet it Can’t Sit 100 Employees!

One of more popular range of office desks are the white bench desks that we stock. Businesses love them as you can clip them together in order to create larger working spaces, offering collaboration and affordability. 

However, one American company has gone one step (or 100 steps) further, and have an office desk that sits all one hundred employees. Sounds crazy, but it’s actually true and is happening now (rather than our story about self-parking robo-chairs). 

All employees at the New York-based agency, Barbarian Group, sit at the same large desk. It’s a massive piece of white office furniture coming in a 4,400-square-foot. The one-off piece unfortunately won’t be available to buy from Kima Office Furniture as it was built solely for this business – but how cool? Check out the video below.  

The desk has been built to resemble a skateboarding half-pipe, with structural underpinnings laser-cut by vintage automotive robots in Los Angeles using low-cost materials like plywood, MDF and plate steel. 

The Barbarian Group had this to say about their super-desk: 

“At The Barbarian Group, we believe in the power of ideas to provoke a reaction.  So when challenged with our own brief - to keep the Barbarian tribe happy and inspired everyday - we turned to Clive Wilkinson, an architect who shares our passion for interesting ideas in a world pre-disposed to boring sameness. The challenge was to create the most collaborative, creative environment possible.  The result?  A desk that we could all share, literally - 4,400 square feet of undulating, unbroken awesomeness to keep people and ideas flowing.” 

By all accounts, creating this desk was actually cheaper than buying standard cubicles and desks. Whilst we don’t suggest you go and do this, but instead shop for white office desks and white bench desks in our online store, it’s still a really impressive feat.

You can read more about the The Barbarian Group on their website.

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