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Tips on How to Take Care of Your White Wood Office Furniture

Kima has a large range of wooden white office furniture for sale at the moment, with our items produced at state of the art manufacturing facilities where the high quality wooden panels are made. 

Buying from us is simple, but what about product after-care? Wooden office furniture bought in our store is built to last, but it goes without saying that office furniture can take a lot of heavy punishment over the years – so how do you go about protecting your investment? 

Protect Your Company Investment

If you are buying furniture for a large office space, then your investment could potentially run into the thousands pounds, even allowing for the discount prices that we offer on our website. With that in mind it truly is in your best interest to ensure that you maintain the condition of your furniture for a long as you can. 

Whilst it might seem an obvious thing to say, but white wooden office furniture is made from wood (doh!), but wood being wood, it needs to keep a certain level of moisture in it to keep its durability. 

Protect from Moisture and Humid Conditions

One of the biggest ways in which wooden furniture can become warped or damaged is related to humidity changes in the office. When in humid conditions, wood will absord moisture from the air, but in dry conditions it will lose moisture. 

Both of these scenarios can cause shrinking or expanding of the wood, with some crackling or marking appearing on the white gloss, varnish, or finish after a few years. If this is something that you really wish to protect against then we would recommend the purchasing of a dehumidifier in your office – but this is really only a precaution needed for very humid offices, for example those in tropical or hot countries. 

Keep Away from Heat and Direct Sunlight

Another way in which you can protect your office furniture and white wooden desks, is to keep them so they are not pushed against radiators or other sources of heat.

Wood can expand and contract under intense heat, which can also lead to surface cracks. Keeping your desk, cabinet, or pedestal away from the glare of direct sunlight can also help to prevent damage. 

Don't Use Alkaline Cleaning Products

We would also advise that your office cleaners don’t use alkaline products on the wood, as this can also cause damage over a prolonged period of time.

It’s essential that your furniture is kept clean too, so regularly dust them to remove any abrasive particles from the desks surfaces. 

Let Us Help You When Choosing Your Furniture Sets

They are many other hints and tips that can help you protect your white wooden furniture especially purchased for your office, and our team will be more than happy to guide you when you have purchased.

To view our range of white wood office furniture please check our latest in-stock collection and pick up a bargain today for your company or business workplace.

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