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Tips on Making Your Home Office a Successful Work Environment

Whether you work from home only occasionally, or run your own business from a home office, you have probably had moments where your productivity slows. There are many temptations and distractions for home office workers, and over-coming those can be very tricky. 

Kima Office Furniture started out as a home business, so we understand those frustrations better than most, and so today decided to put together some additional tips on how to be productive from a home office. 

This blog post is a nice follow on and additional resource to a previous article we have posted regarding setting up your home office furniture effectively. We hope that you find these tips useful and they help you get more work done in your home office. 

Set Up Your Home Office to Maximise Productivity 

You might not have a large house or home which has a large dedicated room from which to run your business. If that’s the case then it’s essential that you find a quiet corner of the house where distractions are at a minimum. 

It’s also better to have your working area near a window if possible too, and paint the area in soothing colours (apparently green is a great colour for this purpose). Place plants near the window too, as this can give you something peaceful to look at during work time. 

Ensure that any items you need whilst working in your office are close at hand. Whether that’s power points, stationary, or where you keep a drink. The less need you have to wander the house, the more you should get done in theory. 

Take Short Breaks Regularly 

That leads nicely onto our next tip, which is to keep your distractions handy. That might sound counter-intuitive, but what we mean by that is if you need a short break, then have that item to hand. 

That could mean a book near your office desk, an app on your iPad, or something similar. It’s essential that you take regular breaks when working from a home office desk, not just for your mind and productivity, but also to help ward off the dreaded sitting disease

Make Sure That Your Office Chair and Desk Are Comfortable 

You won’t get much work done is you don’t feel comfortable. If you are constantly straining to your screen or shifting around in your home office chair then you are never going to get a decent amount of work done from home. 

Invest in a high quality home office chair, we have some our collections of white furniture range you might like, and possibly even consider a standing office desk.  Another item to consider would be an anti-glare screen – or if working in a dark place, why not consider buying a cheap USB LED light which we currently have available. 

Exercise Whilst Working at Home 

Office workers are at high risk of health issues as they simply don’t get enough exercise. If you are sat at a bench office desk all day then you aren’t going to burning calories. 

You can buy some cheap and lightweight exercise accessories that can help you keep fit whilst working such as resistance bands, light weights or even a small treadmill or step machine and keep it in your home office space. 

Failing that take short breaks as they can also help you to re-focus on your work and get your inspiration back up if you are flagging during the day. 

Keep Your Office Desk Tidy and Free From Clutter 

If your home office desk is un-tidy and cluttered then you are really going to struggle to work efficiently. Try to make it a habit to clear up every day if possible to remove anything taking up space that isn’t necessary. 

A tidy desk is often said to mean a tidy mind, and that’s something that we really agree with. It’s not possible to work at home successfully if you are surrounded by piles of paperwork and other associated junk. 

Make Your Working Day Purposeful 

Having a list of tasks to complete will help you focus on the tasks in hand. We are fans of a book called Eat That Frog which encourages office workers to try and always get the toughest task done first, as people tend to avoid the larger jobs. 

By placing the hardest or longest task first on your list you will find that your working day is much more productive. 

Final Note: Working from home is very, very hard, and most people will find it a struggle. Above all you really need discipline in order to make it a success. By having a great home office set-up with functional and built for purpose office furniture you can increase your chances of winning any psychological battles. View our range today to find an item to suit your working from home space.

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