Using White Office Furniture Can Improve Employee Productivity

Using White Office Furniture Can Improve Employee Productivity

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There are numerous studies that show how the type of furniture that you have in your workplace can actually make a difference to employee productivity. If you want to ensure that your workers are at their full capability, then you should definitely consider looking at how you furnish your office spaces – as this is a step that some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world are already undertaking.

Many large and small businesses are now introducing ergonomic furniture with great design in order to refresh their existing spaces – and white office furniture is playing a massive part in this. 

Some of the latest research has shown that some businesses find the integration of white office furniture has led to an increase in employee productivity by quite a significant amount. This has in-turn led to a new trend in businesses switching over to white collections, of which you can view examples on the Kima Office Furniture website. 

Some of the hot-selling items include white desks, white boardroom tables, reception desks, storage, and cupboards – all in varying shades of white including metals, plastics, and even wood. 

Whilst research is all well and good, and in truth statistics can be made out to support any kind of argument, what about the practicalities in this trend, and the more obvious aspects to this niche of office furniture? Well, we’ve put together some plus points that we hope you can identify with. Take a look below. 

White is a Timeless Colour 

White is a great corporate colour, and is known to match most design schemes. It’s neutral and gives you the flexibility of being able to not worry about colour matching with other items (in most cases). 

White will also tend to reflect light meaning it makes the workstation and office spaces look a lot bigger than they actually are. 

White Soothes and Relaxes 

In additional scientific research it has shown the colour white can sooth, relax, and even reduce levels of stress in employees or workers. As you know, a relaxed and stress-free employee will tend to work a lot happier and in better moods. 

White Compliments Other Design Aspects

One of the things we most like about this colour is that it matches almost any other colour in the office. That gives you a lot more freedom to be creative with additional items you want to install and fit. 

Our Furniture is Ergonomic 

When considering white office furniture collections such as the ones on sale from Kima, one of the main aspects will be is it ergonomic and comfortable. All of the items that we stock have this feature, and can help incentivise your employees to be more productive or working harder. 

White Always Looks Stunning 

Look at some of the brands that really stand out – one example being Apple who heavily use the colour white in their product design. White furniture looks and feels modern, perhaps even futuristic and can further increase the mood. A workers using a white desk rather than a dark black one is probably going to feel happier whilst working.

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