What Does Ergonomic Mean When Applied to Office Furniture Design?

What Does Ergonomic Mean When Applied to Office Furniture Design?

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When shopping online for white office furniture a word you will often hear bandied around is ergonomic. But do you know what it actually means, and the reasons why it’s synonymous with the office furniture industry? Well… let us explain! 

Ergonomic: A Definition

You can read a full definition on Wikipedia, who do it far better than we could ever do... but the word ergonomic is derived from two Greek words, ergo, and nomos. But what do they mean exactly? Here are the definitions: 

  • Ergo – work
  • Nomos - laws 

Putting those together roughly means work laws… but that still doesn’t make much sense does it? Well, taking it one step futher, ergonomics is essentially an applied science. 

The Science of Office Furniture Design

It’s the science of designing items and things so that they are arranged in a way that are easy and safe to use. It’s all about how humans will interact with a product. 

So when it comes to designing white office furniture, the product designers will study how people interact with desks and chairs, and then create a product that makes those interactions as comfortable and as safe as can possibly be. 

Human Factors Influence Manufacturing

For example, how will the chairs and desks fit people when using or sitting in them. Or how will it affect a person’s posture when sitting and working at a desk.

Those are all ergonomic considerations, and the white office furniture that well has all be designed with these factors in mind. 

Happy Workers are More Productive

Many studies over the last 20 years have found that employees using ergonomic office furniture are more inclined to be more productive. This is because they are more comfortable, and that means they are happier. 

A happy worker should work a lot better for your organization – especially if you supply them with coffee and biscuits as we have spoken about before! 

Ergonomic Design Considerations

When desiging ergonomic office desks and chairs, product designers working for manufacturers will look at some common postures that employees are placed in whilst working. These are aspects such as: 

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Reaching
  • Moving 

Based on those activities, the office furniture will be designed in such a way to make freedom of movement easy, with reduced aches and pains. 

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