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What Does Your Office Design Say About You as a Boss?

Many bosses and business leaders opt for the corner office. Some consider a symbol of power and success… and it can be akin to your castle where you look down on your empire. You call employees in, make the rules, hire, and fire… but to other employees your palatial corner office rather than being a castle, can be their imposing prison!

Whilst many business gurus spout advice about what and how you say things to employees, have you ever considered about the location in which you say things to them? Locations can have a massive impact on behaviour. The office of the boss can be a powerful place, and so it’s worth considered how people feel when they enter the room. 

For example, does it give off the air of a police interrogation room? If the boss’ chair is positioned higher than the visitors it can really give this impression and can tip the balance of psychology. Is this something you want to portray? 

If you want to remove this potential barrier then we would advise changing the layout to create a more open environment. Perhaps using a small round office desk with identical chairs around it? We have plenty of options to suit in our white office furniture collections which you can browse here

And what about the décor? Is it all about you, with photos of family, awards, and trinkets of personal value? These can sometimes actually work against you believe it or not, rather than creating a cosy environment for visitors to your office. 

If you want to foster a culture of team work, then having personal awards relating to you as a business leader could actually work against that ethos. Makes sense right? Rather than having a personal hall of fame on the walls, how about items relating to team work and collaborative efforts – it might make for a great change. 

Ultimately the boss’ office should be an extension of your company, and not you. The moment someone walks into the office you should be looking to create the best impression in an environment condusive to work and communication. 

At Kima Office Furniture we have some amazing white office furniture deals right now which could help you make that transformation this year. Go take a look in our web store and look for some items to support those changes. It could be the best managerial decision that you make this year!

And finally.... don't be like this guy.

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