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What is the Best Home Office Desk for 2017?

With a massive range of home office desks, Kima Office Furniture is consistently the first port of call for small home office users who want to buy an affordable yet high quality desk. We have a wide selection on offer, including our white range as well as more traditional colours.

Whilst you might believe that a desk is just desk, the demands of the modern home-worker have changed drastically over the last decade. It can define your workspace, play a massive part in how productive you are (or aren’t), and needs to be both comfortable and practical. 

In terms of the best home office desk, we have put together a small selection below which are all available to buy today at rock-bottom prices. The desks we suggest below are all UK-manufactured, built to the latest safety standards, and available on a free shipping deal.

The Best Home Office Desks for Small Spaces 

If you don’t have huge amounts of room to play with, then the Maestro 25 Cantilever SL could be a great bet. It’s available in different sizes so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one to fit a small home office environment.

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With five different colour variations to choose from (beech, maple, oak, walnut, and white) you can choose an option to choose the décor you have at home. 

The white version

The desk itself is 600mm shallow (or deep), making it one of our smaller models, meaning you have plenty of room to move around. In terms of width you can choose from various dimensions ranging from the smallest at 800mm wide, all the way up to the widest at 1800mm. 

We currently have plenty of these in stock, and are pleased to say that our prices are the lowest that you will find anywhere online making a great deal for a person who works from home and needs a cheap, yet high quality office desk.

>> View the full specification and prices here.

The Best Ergonomic Desk for a Home Office 

The trend for ergonomic desks has been rising over the last couple of years, but what truly defines ergonomics? Many online furniture retailers might claim to sell home office ergonomic desks, but not many actually range products that truly tick all the boxes. 

That’s where the Maestro 25 PL wave desk differs as it has passed the national FIRA standards for desks, and offers a curved desktop ideal for home workers wanting a comfortable seating solution. 

Click for cheap prices on the best ergonomic home office desk

With a 25mm melamine desktop which is both stain and heat resistant it truly is an excellent choice, as with the previous option also comes in five different colour options including the popular white model.

As with all of our desks in the Dams Maestro collection, this model comes with a long-term manufacturer warranty of 10 years, giving you the peace of mind when comparing other desks you might be considering online. 

>> View the full specification and prices here.

The Best for Those Needing Storage in a Desk 

If a lack of storage, and places to file your paperwork has become an issue at home, then look no further than the Dams Maestro 25 panel leg desk with 2 pedestals on either side offering 4 drawers in total. View the product image below to see what we mean.

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All of our desks can be accessorised with matching pedestals, but it’s far more economical to buy desk for your home office which already has drawers built-in. 

It’s a hard-wearing solution that is wider than your average model, giving room for the drawers on both sides. The drawers are lockable with keys, and are able to accepts both foolscap and A4 files so the days of a cluttered desktop are truly over. 

As before, this model comes in five different colour options, free shipping, and a 10 year guarantee for all people who buy via our website.

>> View the full specification and prices here.

The Best Corner Desk for a Small Home Office 

We understand that you might have a tight space in your home office. Perhaps you have a corner that you need to place the new desk into. If that is the case, then you might want to consider the Maestro 25 PL corner desk.

Click for cheap prices on a corner desk

As well as being an ergonomic solution, it’s also possible to choose which side you have the corner on. You might want to have the corner side on the left or right, and we can supply either version. 

We sell plenty of these units in the white option, but can also offer it in the different colour shades as per the other recommended solutions on this page.

>> View the full specification and prices here.

Final Recommendations from Kima 

Whilst we have only recommended four options here for users searching for the best home office desk for 2017, ultimately the choice you make will be a personal one. 

We range hundreds of items in our online store, all of which are available to buy today at discount prices and many of which are currently at low sale prices. 

We pride ourselves on only selling high-quality office desks, and a level of customer service that we believe is un-rivalled in the UK office furniture market. If you would like to discuss any of the products in our store, or just want some advice before you buy then we encourage you to call us to see how we can help you today.

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