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When it Comes to Office Design Your Brand Message is Key

How you organise and design your office space can have a huge effect on how clients and employees view your business. It gives a clear indication of your culture, goals, and the way in which you work and can include multiple different aspects. These include the layout, colours used, and types of office furniture that you use. 

If you are looking to make your office a natural extension of the company brand that you wish to portray then there are some key ingredients that you need to consider which we will list below. We are noticing that many businesses now wish to use white office furniture and if that suits your brand, you can browse all of our latest deals

Be Clear in What Your Message Is 

One of the most important factors would be to ensure that your company brand has clear message. The brand should be consistent throughout – for example if your vehicle livery is all in white, then it would make sense to have white office furniture inside of the office too.

If you are aiming to be seen as an innovative company in your industry then the absence of any clear brand inside of your office could be damaging. 

The workspace and office is where clients will visit and is so a great opportunity to put your culture and message on display at all times. Make sure that you are sending out the right message to any potential visitors – and this will also help to cement those thoughts with your employees too. 

Choose the Correct Colour Scheme 

Colour is so often over-looked, but the correct use of a colour scheme can really help to communicate what your brand is all about. Businesses that use bright colours tend to be those that want to appear to be energetic and creative – such as web design or advertising agencies. 

The colour blue is often used by financial institutions as it is seen as a trustworthy colour when studies have been performed… but what about white? 

We believe that the use of white office furniture looks clean and vibrant. It’s not just a colour used by those in the medical profession anymore, but also by many of the leading technology companies. 

If you do decide to go down the white route with white office desks and tables, then we also recommend complementing that with some brighter colours. This can be achieved with things like sofas, chairs, and art work on the walls. 

Try to Make a Great First Impression 

First impressions last is how the popular saying goes. At Kima Office Furniture we have a wide range of stunning reception desks which we can recommend to our customers. You want your clients and visitors to get a great feeling when they first walk in to your office.

Make any reception area as a comfortable as you can, as sometimes it will be the place where a deal might be agreed on, or an idea might be expanded upon. Bad design and a lack of company brand values in this area can really lead to a poor impression from workers and clients alike. 

Use Office Furniture to Align With Your Brand

Just a few ideas here, but in simple terms it really is essential that you try to tie your company office premises look and feel to the brand values of your business. Think about what you are trying to convey to the world. 

Having tired, mis-matched, and out of date office furniture is not a great impression to make, so if you need to refresh that image explore our online store today for some amazing discounts.

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