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White Desk with Metal Legs Now in Stock at Discount Prices

Kima Office Furniture are pleased to announce that we are now stocking white desks with metal legs – all of which you can browse to in our online store today. All models that you see are available to purchase now, and come with free shipping inside of 7 business working days. 

The two products that we would like to recommend today both feature in our popular Dams Maestro range. They are displayed below. Please note that these are not our only white desk metal legs options, we do have more so to see all of them use the link in the last paragraph. 

White Desk with Metal Legs (Maestro 25 Cantilever SL)


It’s a relatively large desk with a good depth of 800mm, but you can order it in varying different widths ranging from 800mm wide all the way up to 1800mm if you really want a lot of desktop space.

 We sell this not just to home office users who are looking for something reliable and sturdy but also to businesses who may wish to buy in bulk. In fact, if you are buying more than one then contact us to see what deal or discount offer we can do for you. 

It comes with a 10 year warranty like all of our Maestro models do, and is both heat and stain resistant making it perfect for all types of working environment. The metal legs are very sturdy and are a cantilever design and double-upright for additional strength. 

To see the latest cheap prices on this model please click here

White Desk with Metal Legs – Best Recommendation (Maestro 25 Cantilever SL) 

This is the same specification as the model shown above but differs slightly as it’s a little shallower so is ideal for those who don’t have as much space as they might want. The depth is 600mm versus the 800mm model shown previously, and of course comes in slightly cheaper. 

The metal leg design gives you sturdy and strong platform upon which to work, and suits even the busiest of workers. This model is proving very popular in call centres right now as they can be assembled next to each other to create a bench desk working collaborative space. 

To see the latest prices on this model please click here.

Not Seen Exactly What You Want? 

Don’t worry if you can’t see exactly what you are looking for. At Kima Office Furniture we have relationships with the leading UK manufacturers of white office furniture meaning we can source you desks exactly how you want them. 

If you do wish to discuss a requirement then we would love to hear from you so please get in touch with us either by telephone or completing the email form on our contact page.

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