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White Ergonomic Office Desk Reviews for 2017

When we started selling white ergonomic office desks in 2016, little did we know how popular they would become with both new and existing customers. We started out selling five different models, but quickly realised that by far our most popular model was the Maestro 25 PL ergonomic desk from Dams

This has become a best-seller for us, and out-sold the other white ergonomic desks that we actually decided to stop selling any rival models and purely focus on selling this Maestro model. But why? Well, if you are looking for reviews of white ergonomic office desks, we truly believe that there’s only one option you should consider buying.

Read on to find out more about the Dams Maestro 25 PL (panel leg) ergonomic desk, and reasons why you should buy it today. To see the latest prices on this model please click here. 

Maestro 25 PL White Ergonomic Office Desk Review

First things first, and it’s important to put this out there, but when you buy from us you are guaranteed to be buying at the lowest possible cheapest price online. The reason we are so confident in this promise is because we price check the competition every week.

White ergonomic office desks reviews - click here for the Maestro deal

If we see anyone selling white ergonomic office desks cheaper than us then we immediately react and drop our own prices. When you combine that with our free delivery to mainland UK business addresses, you will always get the cheapest deals on high quality white office furniture when shopping with Kima. 

Now in terms of why this white ergonomic desk from the Dams Maestro range has become so popular, much of it will be down to the variations in size that you can buy. As is stands today we have three different size variations, meaning you can choose your width when ordering online. 

Because this is an ergonomic corner desk, it’s also possible to opt for either a left hand or right hand orientation depending on which side you want the main curve to appear. It’s also worth noting that we also offer different colour versions too apart from white (beech, maple, oak, and walnut – click here) 

As with all Dams Maestro desks, this model comes with a long-term manufacturer warranty of ten years. There are not many retailers who will give you that length of guarantee on office furniture, for understandable reasons… but so confident are Dams in the quality that this long-term guarantee comes as standard. 

The desk itself, and how it has been designed and manufactured is why that confidence is there. It’s developed using a 25mm melamine work-top that can withstand a lot of punishment as well as being stain-resistant and heat-resistant; essential features for the modern office I am sure you will agree.

In terms of the look and feel, the white colour offers a clean and contemporary looking design that perfectly complements modern offices. With silver coloured legs, it’s a great looking office desk as you can see from the accompanying images we have added to this review of the Dams Maestro 25 PL ergonomic white desk. 

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We are also able to offer additional discounts for corporate customers who are looking to buy in bulk or make larger orders.

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